Nationwide Title Clearing Makes Getting Accurate Property Reports Easier

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has revamped its website. This enables individuals and organizations to participate in the online ordering of a wide range of documents related to the transfer of ownership of real estate. This new action makes getting property reports a lot easier. NTC took the action in response to calls from entities nationwide for a system which helps to eliminate title defects and give easier access to accurate property reports. Title defects have been cited as a major cause of problems in the real estate industry.


The system allows for online access to accurate property reports to address a major contributing factor in wrongful foreclosures and the prevention of the transition of assets in the secondary market. Accurate property records leads to clear title conveyance and reduces buyback risk or the inability to foreclose. Title defects generally happen when entities claim a property they don’t own. Failure to get necessary signatures, improper wording of documents, liens and encumbrances that haven’t been removed and improper filing and recording procedures also make titles invalid.


The company explained that addressing those issues prior to a property being transferred or sold is vital. To that end they’ll offer current owner reports, assignment verification reports and tax status reports via online ordering. Their goal is to create a fast, simple step-by-step property reports securing process.


The property report services NTC provides uses research on actual land records from every residential property in the country. NTC gets their information from the counties and several other sources. The information is then verified using humans and automation. This has enabled NTC to successfully serve many of the country’s largest lenders while adhering to strict compliance regulations. The reports are then customized using the correct data sets. NTC’s understanding of the clients’ needs and the end result also helps.


Founded in 1991 and based in Palm Harbor, Florida, Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately-owned company. They’re known for their accuracy in providing reports to most of the country’s largest residential mortgage lenders, investors and servicers while protecting homeowners and helping to preserve land records nationwide. The provide property reports, land record research, document retrieval, lien release services, final document tracking along with many other custom business solutions.


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