New Brunswick Dies and Comes Back Alive

The political world, especially the liberal left, tends to be extremely hostile toward the rich elite. They see it as the job of the lower class to overthrow this upper class. This upper class has stepped on them, destroyed what they hold dear, has held them down, and stopped them from achieving their dreams. The lower class is ready to revolt and take everything back that the upper class stole from them.

I know that there are many people in the upper class that should be cast down from the fluffy cloud they have been living on. However, I believe that Omar Boraie is a wonderful man in the 1% that defies all these awful characteristics that are often attributed to the upper class.

Sam Boraie has dedicated everything he has, blood, sweat, tears, and money to helpin New Brunswick turnaround from the trash heap it was and become the beacon of civilization he dreams it can be.

According to NJ Biz, Omar Boraie was a traveler and he went through the continent of Europe as a teenager. He marveled at these cities that are economic juggernauts. He saw their clout and influence and knew that New Brunswick could one day be that powerful. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie developed a four-step plan in order to help new Brunswick rise from the ashes. The first part of his plan involved making the community a better place for families. He knew that New Brunswick would never thrive if it did not have a strong backbone of families. He financially backed several non-profits and outreaches to make the community better.

The second part of his place was to make sure the economy was stable by keeping jobs in the area. He knew that if New Brunswick was to survive, let alone thrive, that jobs would have to stay. People follow the work. It is that simple. To make New Brunswick great, Boraie had to convince Johnson and Johnson to stay in the area.

The third part of his plan was to get a team together that would constantly work to make New Brunswick thrive. This team needed to have a mutual appreciation for the simple

The fourth part of his plan was to help bring back young professionals. He did this by providing them with higher class real estate for middle class costs.

These four parts of the plan helped make New Brunswick a thriving city in the state.


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