OSI Group Expands Operations In Spain To Meet Demand

OSI Group has had a plant in Toledo, Spain for some time, however, the original plant could not meet the demand that was needed to meet the chicken needs of Spain and Portugal. Many changes were made to the facility in order to produce the number of products that the OSI Group needed for their growing customer base. The last several years there has been an eight percent increase in demand for chicken products. The managing director of OSI Food Solutions Spain believes that this trend will continue to increase.

The new production line was the biggest addition to the plant. This new line allows the OSI Group to produce 24,000 tons of chicken yearly. This doubles the production of the original production line. However, the production line was not the only addition to the facility. A new test kitchen was added to help develop new products while guarantee that the present products continue to meet high standards. Storage areas, refrigerated rooms, and a shipping and receiving area were also added. The employees gained a lounge where they can relax and socialize with one another.

The OSI Group has always been conscious of the footprint that they were making on the planet and for that reason, sustainability was important when expanding the plant. All the new equipment added to the facility enable them to reduce their energy consumption by 20 percent. OSI received a grant from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund because of their sustainability commitment.

One of the best additions made to the facility was the increase of employees. Twenty jobs were added to help run the new line and fill other positions. This brings the number of local employees up to 160. This is a helpful boost to the local economy.