Glenn Schlossberg: A Driving Force In Fashion Entrepreneurship

As corporate acquisitions now happen on a regular basis, the fashion industry has seen many changes over the past decade. This trend continues, as it was recently announced Jump Design Group has acquired the Cathy Daniels sportswear label. To make the transition a smooth one, it was announced Cathy Daniels president Jerry Passaretti will become part of Jump Design Group, helping to spearhead various aspects of business development.


Preparing to take Cathy Daniels Sportswear to the next level by using its business strategies, marketing campaigns, and customer base to broaden the fashion line’s appeal, Jump Design Group founder Glenn Schlossberg expects to see dramatic results in the coming months. Known for its innovative uses of technology in marketing its products to consumers, Jump Design Group and Glenn Schlossberg have charted a course of action they expect to implement over the next three years. Using innovative aspects of technology to ensure the best products get made available to customers on a continuing basis, this strategy has proven to be successful with other acquisitions Jump Design Group has made in the past.


Known as a fashion industry innovator, Glenn Schlossberg has made a name for himself in the fashion industry by emphasizing collaboration, design, logistics, and marketing with Jump Design Group. Starting in the fashion business by working for his father, who was a renowned dressmaker, Glenn pursued studies at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Taking what he learned there, he started Jump Design Group. In forming this company, he combined traditional and e-commerce business strategies to overtake competitors by creating unique garments that were of the highest quality, yet were manufactured more efficiently and at lower costs than other companies.


As Glenn continues to blaze a unique entrepreneurial path within the fashion industry, Glenn Schlossberg will no doubt be at the forefront of many new and innovative changes along the way. Whether working to acquire yet another small company he can help become an industry leader, or perhaps using his spare time to help the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs, exciting days are ahead for Glenn Schlossberg. Know more about Glenn on


Malcolm Casselle: Successful Blockchain Entrepreneur

The meteoric rise of the price of bitcoin late last year caught the attention of nearly anyone who wasn’t already enthralled by the new and exciting technology that underlay the digital currencies success. Bitcoin is built off of a simple yet complex technology known as blockchain which allows transactions to take place on an immutable ledger which eliminates the need for third parties. Yet over the course of 2018 many people began to ignore the technology due to the fact that bitcoin lost over 80% of its value. Yes, there is more to bitcoin than its price. The technology that bitcoin is built off of is applicable in many areas.

Malcolm Casselle is a successful entrepreneur that has helped to implement blockchain technology successfully in several companies. His most recent accomplishment has been as the president of his own company worldwide asset exchange where he was able to raise over $100 million in capital for the new decentralized marketplace that seems to hold the promise of revolutionizing the exchange of digital assets. Yet even before this Malcolm Casselle had already found success utilizing blockchain technology as the chief investment officer of OPSkins the world’s largest marketplace for an online video game in game sales.

Malcolm Casselle has stated that he believes that his company worldwide asset exchange will be able to eliminate the two largest issues that have plagued digital transactions since they are beginning. The issue of fragmentation and fraud. Due to the global nature of transactions that occur digitally, there is usually a need for a third party in order to facilitate transactions. The use of blockchain and smart contract technology should eliminate the need for these third parties allowing business to be conducted more efficiently between users around the world. Additionally, thanks to the immutable nature of blockchain technology it should be all but impossible for fraudulent activity to take place on the new worldwide asset exchange. Users will be able to conduct business amongst themselves utilizing wax tokens the currency of the Worldwide Asset Exchange. Malcolm Casselle believes that this technology will help to revolutionize the entire industry of digital assets.

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Rebel Wilson Knows How to Act in Different Situations

Rebel Wilson is an actor who knows how to work within many genres. She spent a lot of time learning how to act and what she needed to do to be flexible. It gave her a chance to learn how to cater to different people and what she could do to make sure they have someone who knows what they’re doing. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

It’s important to Rebel Wilson to make sure she knows how to help people and knows what they’re looking for. It’s also important for Rebel Wilson to make sure she knows how to help others through the difficult parts of the industry. As long as she can make things easier for people to see how she’s acting the right way, she knows she’s doing the right thing. Rebel Wilson also spent a lot of time learning about how to navigate different roles so she could help others. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

There were times when Rebel Wilson spent more time on perfecting her roles. This wasn’t really necessary in her comedy roles because she is a natural comedian.

In fact, she knows just what to do to make sure she can help people see how funny she is. Rebel Wilson wanted more than just what she was good at, though. She wanted roles that would challenge her as an artist and give her a chance to show off the many talents she had that might make a difference for her career. There were times when she spent looking at different opportunities for the future.

As long as Rebel Wilson knows what people want and she gives them things that might help them see the positive connections in her career, she can continue getting more roles and trying to different things. There are experiences that might enable her to try more and try different roles.

It helps if she has a chance to do things the right way. It might also help Rebel Wilson show people they can get more options from what she’s doing. Thanks to her hard work, there are more people who see her as an important part of the movies she’s in.

Rebel Wilson recently took on a role in Cats. She knows it might be a challenge, but she feels like she’s up for it. Rebel Wilson also knows there are ways she can try different roles. After she completes this dramatic role, she knows she will have to try new things.

By branching out, Rebel Wilson is giving herself a chance to experience every area of acting. It’s her goal to try different things while also doing things the right way. Rebel Wilson knows what it means to do better and she’ll keep doing things better than other actors in each genre.

Randal Nardone making moves in the financial world

Randal Nardone has always had the heart for building big businesses although he started in a different career than what we see him today. His passion for the financial sector came at the right time when he worked for companies that had him as their legal representative. He took advantage of the opportunity of being amongst the best in the industry to nurture his interest in the business. He started by studying law in the University of Connecticut and after attaining his certification proceeded to get an MBA in the same field form Boston school of Law. Immediately he went straight for the money working for financial powerhouses that offered a lot of insight into the world of economics and how it relates to investments. Randal Nardone was at the time the bridge between legal requirements and the financial sector which needs guidelines in law to make things work. His work ethic and thirst to learn more about the industry soon bore fruit, and he got to work and hold various positions at Eurocastle Investment, Springfield Finance as well as Alea Group. Randal Nardone did not hold back when it came to his work ethic and put in the effort and his best foot forward which often turned into lucrative benefits both for the firm as well as its clients. Read the article at to know more about Randal.

Randal Nardone then decided to test the waters, and he formed Fortress. Within a short while, it attracted the attention of SoftBank who went on to acquire the company. The deal was concluded last year in December and showed how far he had come to know how the markets work. He did not do this by himself but had a team of handpicked professionals who are experts in their field. The other principles that headed the institution with him also benefitted from the lucrative deal. Although the bank acquired the investment company, they also retained him and the rest of the management to continue with the diligent work that they did. Randal Nardone is a good example that shows that it does not matter what background one comes from it is the dedication to one’s goals that matter in life.



Felipe Montoro Jens reports on a CNI study of public projects on-hold in Brazil

Infrastructure expert Felipe Montoro Jens reports that a study, “Uncompleted large-scale projects: how to face the problem”, by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), based on 2017 year-end data by the Ministry of Planning, shows 2,796 public projects are on hold in Brazil. 517 of those, or 18.5%, are infrastructure-related, with a cost to the public about R$10.7 billion.

447 of these are basic sanitation projects, followed by 30 highways, 16 airports, 8 urban mobility projects, 6 ports, 5 railways and 5 waterways.

The study also shows that a significant cost to society is a coherent method of execution by the public sector. Brazil loses a significant amount of the 2% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) it allocates to public projects in projects scuttled before they’re green-lighted, resulting in wasted time and work. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Technical problems, land ownership, projects abandoned by the companies themselves, financial and budgetary difficulties and expropriation are the main causes in the report.

First among those, says National Confederation of Industry infrastructure specialist, Ilana Ferreira, are technical problems. “These are poor-quality projects that indicate poor planning,” she said. “In the case of schools and nurseries, many small companies took over and couldn’t carry on, given the economic crisis.”

Brazil continues to cut spending, due to the on-going economic crisis, which means more cancellation of important infrastructure projects, says specialist Felipe Montoro Jens. “Although more evident at a national level, this process of fiscal deterioration and contraction of investments has also affected state and municipal projects, which ended up cutting funds, also leading to the stoppage of infrastructure works”.

Felipe Montoro Jens points out that construction for education, including day-care centers, preschools and schools sports facilities, though less costly and not as difficult to build, is nevertheless also a part of the CNI report.

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How Deirdre Baggot Made a Name for Herself with the Camden Group

Even when Deirdre Baggot first started with The Camden Group, she knew she could do things that might help her through difficult situations in the nursing field. She learned about issues that could come up and ways to combat those issues. Deirdre also learned the right way to handle difficult nursing problems unrelated to patient care. She figured out how to handle administrative tasks she had never handled in the past. She also felt confident giving people positive experiences they might be able to use while coming up with new opportunities for the future. As long as Deirdre has the chance to make things better in the administration, she knows she can continue doing more to help her patients. The ideas she has are important for others and give more people the experience they need to keep doing better. Find out more about Deirdre at

After Deirdre took on the role as an administrator with the hospital, she knew she could make things better for all the people she worked with. She made sense of the issues going on with the administration. She also learned about the way she would need to make a change if she had the opportunity to give others the right experiences. As long as Deirdre Baggot knows what people need, she’s confident in her abilities to provide that to them. There are things she can do that might help her realize she has a better experience than most other administrators.

The unique perspective she has on the healthcare industry comes from her experience working as a nurse. She wasn’t always an administrator and started out in the nursing industry. It made sense for her to continue helping people with the issues they have. She also learned about what it meant to be a big part of the nursing industry. Since she worked so hard to help others and give back no matter what she did, Deirdre had a huge impact on the hospital. The Camden Group has one of the best administrators in Deirdre and that’s because her nursing background allows her to understand the importance of compassion for Camden patients.

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OSI Group Expands Operations In Spain To Meet Demand

OSI Group has had a plant in Toledo, Spain for some time, however, the original plant could not meet the demand that was needed to meet the chicken needs of Spain and Portugal. Many changes were made to the facility in order to produce the number of products that the OSI Group needed for their growing customer base. The last several years there has been an eight percent increase in demand for chicken products. The managing director of OSI Food Solutions Spain believes that this trend will continue to increase.

The new production line was the biggest addition to the plant. This new line allows the OSI Group to produce 24,000 tons of chicken yearly. This doubles the production of the original production line. However, the production line was not the only addition to the facility. A new test kitchen was added to help develop new products while guarantee that the present products continue to meet high standards. Storage areas, refrigerated rooms, and a shipping and receiving area were also added. The employees gained a lounge where they can relax and socialize with one another.

The OSI Group has always been conscious of the footprint that they were making on the planet and for that reason, sustainability was important when expanding the plant. All the new equipment added to the facility enable them to reduce their energy consumption by 20 percent. OSI received a grant from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund because of their sustainability commitment.

One of the best additions made to the facility was the increase of employees. Twenty jobs were added to help run the new line and fill other positions. This brings the number of local employees up to 160. This is a helpful boost to the local economy.

Felipe Montoro Discusses Brazilian Projects

Early this year, the Inter-American Development Bank met with several high-ranking financial officials from all over Latin America to hear Dyogo Oliveira’s argument for supporting more private investments. The Special Meeting of Governors took place in Mendoza, Argentina on March 24. Dyogo Oliveira is the Minister of Planning, Development, and Management.

Since the meeting occurred, experts like Felipe Montoro Jens have had much to say about Oliveira’s argument. Most of what Jens has said has been from a neutral view, but he agrees with Oliveira. Many financial experts in Latin America agree that the Inter-American Development Bank should support private investments more, sooner rather than later.

When it comes to setting financial standards and examples, many Latin American businesses and officials look to the Inter-American Development Bank. If they were to openly support and create financial guarantees that leverage private investments, more nations could more easily complete dozens of infrastructure projects in a fraction of the time. More about of Felipe at

There are already several studies proving that private investments are more efficient and offer more possibilities than traditions solutions. At the least, Oliveira wants the Inter-American Development Bank to promote these studies, so other countries can see the difference and benefits of embracing private investments.

Supporting Oliveira’s suggestion was Luis Caputo, Argentina’s Finance Minister and the Bank’s Board of Governors Chairman. Caputo doesn’t just want the Inter-American Development Bank to promote the studies; the Finance Minister wants the bank to leverage more private investments in Latin America. The Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support of Spain weighed in, reminding everyone of Spain’s stake in their infrastructure projects.

Everyone wants everything to be completed before the fourth industrial revolution goes into full swing. Brazil stands to make great economic advances.

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Southridge Capital LLC: The Future of Financial Management

For the last two decades, Southridge Capital LLC has restored the financial market lost glory. The company is without a doubt the most innovative modern company in operation. During the two decades, the company has been able to put over three hundred companies back on profitability track. These companies range from private to public entities. The main scope of Southridge Capital LLC in the financial markets includes redesigning policies in line with the companies’ blueprints and current economic times. Blending the two realities have given the clients the best services while maximizing on their operational profits.


In line with the Southridge Capital LLC mandate of helping clients achieve the best in the financial markets, the company has diversified operational areas. Currently, the company has expertise in the fast-growing equity facilities, trading in common stocks and capitalizing in alternative investments. The new services the company is offering to the clients does not overshadow the company’s role in the corporate advisory. The company’s success in these two fields is made a possibility by their trained and experienced workforce. In addition, the company continues to make an impact in mergers and restructuring corporate structures. These two niches have made Southridge synonymous with efficiency in private companies.


The idea of this company according to the founder dates back to pre-1996. During this period, Stephen M. Hicks was exposed to the world of hedge funds. The exposure according to Hicks has an impact on him realizing there was a gap he could fill in the financial market. Although this was his first company to start, he was lucky to have unmatched experience in this niche. To remain competitive in the financial world, Hicks is an avid reader of financial journals. His favorite is Wall Street Journal and some productivity software especially in the world of financial trading. You can visit their website



As a futurist investment manager, Stephen M. Hicks is intrigued by cryptocurrencies. According to him, there is a lot of misconception about the new way of payment and investment. To him, a resource center or a financial news outlet for cryptocurrency is the best investment tip the financial guru can offer. You can visit



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Guilherme Paulus: A Man Who Believes In Tremendous Growth

Most of the people who have toured Brazil know that the tourism industry in that country is strong and advanced. Brazil is a country with some of the largest tour companies and operators today. The tourism industry would not have advanced this much without the input of some passionate and selfless business leaders like Guilherme Paulus. He has contributed a lot to the robust economic growth Brazil is experiencing today. He is a prominent business leader or entrepreneur who understands most of the economic aspects many people fail to know. As the CVC Chairman, Paulus knows how to make the lives of other people better and great. Visit the website to learn more about Guilherme Paulus.

He knows the importance of having thriving businesses in a country. Most of the charity groups in Brazil have grown through his leadership abilities. The growth CVC has shown indicates the kind of a business guru Paulus is. A good percentage of the employment opportunities in the tourism sector in Brazil has come through his commitment and business ideas. He has made tourism one of the flourishing sectors in Brazil. Although Guilherme Paulus had a partner when starting CVC, he played the greatest role in making it successful.

In Latin America, Guilherme Paulus is a famous name, especially in the tourism industry. His business career shows that entrepreneurial achievements come through hard work and determination. Great achievements make someone influential. Starting a company isn’t a big deal as increasing its market value is. Paulus is known to be a social person, unlike many other business people who don’t interact with people once they get to some levels in the business world.


Paulus ventured into the hospitality sector after spending some years operating CVC. GJP Group comprises some of the largest hotels in Brazil. Every department or sector has secrets that make it successful. Although different companies offer their customers satisfaction through different ways, hospitality believes that providing quality customer services is the greatest secret. Andrew premium line, Saint, linx, and five-star are some of the networks Guilherme Paulus has used to succeed in business. He says having a diverse mind is something a great entrepreneur should have. His entrepreneurial skills have made him a winner of several prestigious awards. Read this article at