Orange Coast College Boasts New Recycling Center

Orange Coast College has opened its new recycling center. The new facility debuted to the public on Thursday, September 14 at an official ribbon-cutting ceremony.


The $7.5M upgrade was a massive expansion for the college. The original facility had occupied approximately one acre of land while the new facility occupies five. The previous recycling center featured eight parking spaces while the new facility features 45 parking spaces. The recycling center, also, features classrooms, shower facilities, a first-aid station, and multiple offices. The new recycling center was built with the environment in mind. The administration building was built with eco-friendly materials and was maximized for energy efficiency.


Orange Coast College was conceived following World War II and the first phase of construction was completed in the 1950s. The second wave of construction wrapped up during the 1970s. OCC was founded with the mission to provide affordable undergraduate learning opportunities to students who wanted to learn a number of skilled trades and licensed professions. The programs at OCC are designed for students who desire to transfer to California State University or the University of California to complete their graduate studies. Learn more:


The current construction phase at OCC initially included a student services center, a math, business, and computer center, and a planetarium. The construction has provided many employment and learning opportunities to its more than 24,000 student base. OCC is the alma-mater of many celebrities including actor Patrick Warburton, starlet Diane Keaton, and late rocker Scott Weiland.


The OCC recycling center will accept the typical recyclables such as aluminium, plastic, and paper. The facility will also accept televisions and computer monitors, fax machines, cooking oil, and household batteries.


The facility will not accept furniture, automotive batteries, motor oil, or other hazardous waste at this time. Learn more:


Gregory Aziz: Master of His Craft

In June of 1912, seven gentlemen started a company to manufacture railroad freight cars. More than 100 years later, the company has undergone a metamorphosis into a notable outfit. It operates out of Hamilton, Ontario. Under the stewardship of one Gregory James Aziz, the company has become a more diverse venture with the ability to focus its strengths with precision.


Realizing the Great Asset in Staffs



The company has a significant investment in its people as they are the crux of National Steel Car. The company is built on a foundation of consistent improvement. The staff led by Gregory J Aziz seeks to raise the bar and obsolete their own innovations. This chase for excellence has earned them the Annual TTX SECO award since 1996. The company’s pursuit for exemplary work is the reason it is the only North American railcar company with the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Man Behind the Curtain



Greg Aziz was born on April 30, 1949. He studied at Ridley College and later enrolled to study Economics at the University of Western Ontario. James Aziz joined the family business in 1971 but later left to work as an investment banker in New York. The family business grew to become a widely spread importer of fresh food. While he was there, he thought carefully about National Steel Car and embarked on a journey to restore it to its former glory. He managed to broker a deal in 1994 to buy the company from Dofasco. A true testament to the man’s extraordinary abilities, the company went from a production capacity of 3500 per annum to 12,000 in five years. In the same period, the personnel grew five times. This consistent progression was maintained to date making the company a leader in new car innovation.  Get More Information Here.


Concern for Community Welfare



Gregory Aziz is a man with a heart. He is especially passionate about the Hamilton community. He has led the company to significantly give back to the community in which they work and live. National Steel Car sponsors the Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army and other initiatives. Gregory’s big heart must be contagious because the employees of the company show up in droves with their families to participate in food drives for the local food banks. The Aziz family also has some initiatives of its own. The family sponsors the Royal Winter Fair Horseshow, and Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The latter is Canada’s most prestigious agricultural fair.

DACA & Frontera: Keeping Things Fair

The Right Wingers are at it again and this time it is about immigrants’ rights. They have opened attacks against DACA, from several different sides. As a result, what will happen to DACA in this present political climate is anyone’s guess. And the news is spreading light wildfire among organizations who work for rights of young immigrants. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and it is one of the top civil rights groups fighting for the rights of young people, especially students, who are living as undocumented residents.

DACA helps undocumented youth, who qualify based on certain prerequisites, to avoid deportation, get a Social Security number and work in the country for a specified period of time. In many states across the country, applicants can even get drivers licenses. Predictably, the states that want to put an end to DACA are the Republican run states or the “Red” states. Spearheading this campaign to gradually pull the rug from underneath the organization is Ken Paxton, the Attorney General for the state of Texas. He has gone as far as sending a letter to the Trump administration asking them to repeal DACA or face legal consequences if they don’t.

Along with Mr. Paxton, nine AG’s and one governor is part of the letter sent to the Trump Administration. The idea here is to slowly take away DACA as opposed to suddenly ending it. When they get final approval, no one will be able to apply or renew their membership for their program. All this negative news is unnerving mainly because the numbers show that DACA is a success. Over 95% of members work or study and many do both. Organizations such as the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund are doing their part to preserve this organization.

Lacey, Larkin and Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are executives who co-founded the Village Voice Media. This is a publication based out of Phoenix, Arizona and it sees itself as an alternative news publication. In 2007, they ran a series of articles questioning the work methods of Sherriff Arpaio. Angered by the publication’s stance, Sheriff Arpaio took Lacey and Larkin into custody using highly questionable means. Eventually, the news made national headlines and after a long legal battle, all charges against them were dropped. However, Lacey and Larkin decided that these kinds of actions by law enforcement cannot go unnoticed in the future. Not only that, they decided to help people who are illegally detained, whether they are legal or illegal immigrants. That is why in a nut shell they found the Frontera Fund.

Mr. Louis R. Chenevert Knows What He is Doing

Mr. Louis R. Chenevert became the chairman and CEO of UTC in 2006. During the years that he has worked for the company, he achieved significant strides for UTC. This man is someone who is a successful individual, and UTC would not be at the place it is at today if it were not for his help and all that he did for them. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert had experience working for such companies as General Motors before he started working for UTC, and he knew what he needed to do to lead the business that he was now working for on to success.

When the economy is not doing too well, those businesses that focus on manufacturing can suffer. It can be hard for a person to keep a company doing well when people do not have the money that they used to have. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert helped to take care of UTC in a time when the economy was not doing great. In a time when that company could have failed, he led them on and helped them to be successful. United Technologies Corporation was able to thrive when other companies were failing, all because Mr. Louis R. Chenevert knew what he was doing and he was prepared to lead that business.

Mr. Louis R. Chenevert helped UTC by pushing them to create new products and to try new things. He helped the company to become a little more diverse, and that allowed the company to make it when other companies were failing. His effects are still clear since his resignation in 2014. When someone like Mr. Louis R. Chenevert knows what they are doing, and they are ambitious enough to take the lead, that kind of person can make a world of difference for a company. UTC might not have made it through tough economic times if it were not for the leading of Mr. Louis R. Chenevert.

Daniel Mark Harrison: the Jack of All Trades

Daniel Mark Harrison has led an impressive career in the field of finance. He is a businessman and financialist who also has a creative side. He is an author of numerous books and publications and is also an expert on media and advertising. He has attained a lot of success in spite of just spending a few years in the business. Today, he stands tall as one of the bigger names in the industry and continues to grow his empire and bring his numerous different ideas to life. One of the most well-known companies that he has led is Daniel Mark Harrison and Co., which is a company that is operational in numerous parts of the world. The company is run by members of the Harrison family with Daniel Mark Harrison at the top, leading the charge. He is an excellent leader and is known throughout the industry for his expertise and skill when it comes to being a role model for the people working at his company.

One of the other companies that Daniel Mark Harrison has given life to is Monkey Capital. The company is a one of a kind blockchain investment firm that is known to invest in some of the biggest ideas in the industry. When it comes to making good investments, the ideal time to do so is when the company is in its infancy so that it can reap bigger profits in the future. Daniel Mark Harrison invests into small companies so that he can achieve this effect, which has brought in huge profits for the company as a whole.

Daniel Mark Harrison has an incredible education, which is also why he is such a well-known name in the industry. He is a graduate of the prestigious Oxford University and attained a degree in Business administration. He also has a master’s in Journalism which has helped him in his endeavors in the media industries. He is extremely multi-faceted and has managed to attain success in almost everything that he has put his mind to. Having big ideas that he could executive was one of the positives of Daniel Mark Harrison, and has helped him become the businessman that he currently is.

The mission of Oncotarget alongside informing and educating

Oncotarget has turned out to be among the outstanding scientific journals. This is because of its capability to execute the publication of several developments within the subject of oncology globally in line with fighting cancer. The fact that the journal is scientific and its publications are specifically alongside oncology, it is worth acknowledging the fact that the subject of oncology is broad and therefore has a couple of disciplinary subjects that are found within it. The implication is that it has devoted itself to publishing all the credible developments as well as the discoveries that scientists make in support of the war against cancer.

There exists a couple of subjects covered under the oncological field. They include, but not limited to, atherosclerosis, cells, lymphocytes, molecules & the cellular functions in the cancerous cells, the pathways, neuro-degradation as well as the microbes. Under the field, any new discoveries and developments that are done at any point in time by the scientists. It is organized that the scientists submit then make their submissions to Oncotarget for publication.Remarkably, prior to the publications of any submitted findings, they initially undergo a thorough vetting procedure where the findings submitted undergo review and their truthfulness is ascertained. The fact that the vetting is thorough at times involves cross-checking through the experiments. This is often done after paying a visit to the scientist and prior to the publication.

Upon the publication of the findings, the journal then begins operating as a channel through which the new and unique information to the rest of the scientific research alongside the cancer curing strategies. Such is significant in the contributions that they add up to the field as they intensify the knowledge which helps in making extensive developments on the gradual success in relation to the curing of cancer.The factors that make the journal a unique source of scientific understanding is the fact that it has a number of attributes which includes its capability to carry out the review of all the submissions made using the fastest possible ways. Any implication is therefore that any new information spreads to the rest of the scientists in the shortest time possible.


The Managerial Capabilities of Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is a renowned and prominent personality in the field of finance. He is a senior executive vice president of the AXA Advisors, LLC. AXA Advisors, LLC, is an international insurance company headquartered in Paris. Vincent Parascandola has the responsibility of managing the company’s recruitment, sales, productivity, management development and training of new professionals. He oversees the advancement and development of experienced financial professionals.

Vincent Parascondala earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University, New York. For about 30 years, Vincent Parascandola has been with the AXA Advisors, LLC. He is committed to offering the best of his managerial abilities to the company. He was the chief sales officer and president of Northern Division of AXA Equitable and the president of Northern Division of AXA Equitable. Vincent Parascandola has served at the position of executive vice president and chief executive officer of Advantage \group, a system analyst at Irving Trust Company and a regional manager for the MONY Life Insurance Company until 2004. He is a former chairperson of the AXA’s Advantage Group and a member of GAMA. Parascandola is also a former president of Florida Chapter. He also chaired LIMRA’s Field officers Committee. He visited his alma mater in 2014 and gave a commencement speech to the graduating students. For more details visit Pocomuseum.

Through the immense support of Mr. Vincent Parascandola, the company has become the best insurance brand over the world for about eight consecutive years. The AXA Advisors, LLC, is among the top best companies in investment management, insurance, and financial services. The company grew by 14 percent in 2016 due to the excellent leadership of Parascandola and other leaders. The company’s biggest markets are in North America, Asia Pacific, and Western Europe.

Vincent Parascandola began his career as an agent at the Prudential in 1987. Because of his excellent managerial skills, Vincent Parascandola has won several awards. He has won the National Rookie of the Year Award, the Career Development, and Master Agency Awards by the GAMA. He is a prominent public speaker and has received various invitation to give advice and motivational speeches in conferences including LIMRA’s distribution conference. You can visit his Facebook page

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InnovaCare Health Participates in the Learning and Action Network (LAN)

Officials of InnovaCare Health, a leading provider of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid health plans in Puerto Rico, has announced the organization’s participation in the Learning and Action Network. It’s an initiative aimed at transiting the U.S. health system toward alternate payment models. Payment will be based on quality rather than quantity of services. As a LAN dedicated partner, InnovaCare Health looks forward to supporting LAN accomplish its mission of accelerating the transition to quantity-based payment models.InnovaCare Health devotes to supporting the LAN’s mission to transit the U.S. healthcare payments to alternate payment methods. Participating in the LAN Nationwide Data Collection Effort and quantitative data survey will help InnovaCare Health measure progress toward these goals. Besides, InnovaCare will categorize payments based on the APM Framework. The announcement signifies InnovaCare Health’s commitment to advancing the healthcare industry. Richard Shinto, the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare says that joining LAN nationwide data collection efforts will reinforce InnovaCare Health’s mission to redefine healthcare management. That will help provide patients with access to coordinated, economical, innovative, and quality-driven health care services. Payment reform will assist in building stronger patient relationships.

About LAN

It’s a payment platform for private, public, and non-profit sectors to share efforts to transform Puerto Rico’s health system. The platform emphasis on quality rather than quantity of care. The LAN was launched in 2015 to help accelerate the adoption of alternate payment models. It focuses on shifting from the current healthcare payment model to quality care and improved health.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare, Inc. is a leading provider of managed healthcare services in Puerto Rico. It operates the leading health plans, PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico. Its membership comprises of over 200,000 individuals served by a network of over 7,500 care providers. Besides, InnovaCare manages two Medicaid plans within the Puerto Rican government health plan to provide broad benefit coverage through a coordinated care model. In fact, InnovaCare offers the Island’s only NCQA-accredited health plans.Richard Shinto partners with Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare to provide members with quality healthcare by creating sustainable healthcare models. Under their leadership, InnovaCare Health looks forward to integrating its health care models with advanced technologies. InnovaCare Health commits to providing quality and affordable healthcare by creating sustainable healthcare models. InnovaCare views its patients as long-term partners and strives to meet their personalized needs.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Helps Arizona Justice Project and Paz

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera fund started because of the unlawful arrest of two journalists. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were removed from their homes on October 18, 2007 in the middle of the night by Maricopa county sheriff Joe Arpaio.

They were unlawfully detained due to articles they were in possession of that contained information about the sheriff Arpaio. Larkin & Lacey are the co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

After their arrest the grand jury subpoenaed information pertaining to the identities of those who read the Phoenix New Times story online that contained information about Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin spent their life as journalists adhering to the first amendment right to free speech; they decided to sue Maricopa County for infringing upon that right. These two journalists prevailed in the US Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit and were awarded an impressive $3.75 million.

Larkin and Lacey have decided to use their law suit winnings towards fighting for the rights of migrant workers in the United States and established the Frontera Fund. They fund several migrant rights organizations throughout the state of Arizona.

These organizations are support groups that that are advocates for civil and human rights. These groups also promote the freedom of speech and civic participation along the Mexico border and all throughout Arizona.

Promise Arizona which is locally known as PAZ is one of the support organizations that the Frontera Fund supports. Paz is the Spanish word for peace and this organization was founded in 2010 when members conducted a prayer vigilant the state capital in Arizona. This faith based human rights group held demonstrations on court house plazas not only in Arizona but also in Washington D.C.

Some of Paz’s highlighted accomplishments include training young leaders, conducting non-partisan voter registration drives, and hosting clinics to inform and educate people about deferred action for childhood arrivals.

This community outreach organization goes door to door and asks members to join their cause with the end goal of creating a more friendly and all-inclusive Arizona.

The Arizona Justice Project is another group the Frontera fund supports. The goal behind this group is to help those who are incarcerated and claiming innocence are able to get their claims heard rather than slipping through the cracks. This group also hopes to help those who are in jail and suffering from diseases such as PTSD.

They want to ensure that all inmates receive the proper care that they should be receiving. The members of this Fronter Fund supported group believe that injustices happen to individuals and this causes our collective freedoms to also suffer.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Daniel Mark Harrison is Changing the ICO Market with COVEAL Tokens

Monkey Capital is a hedge fund with investments in Blockchain systems, takeovers of hostile public companies, and SpaceX supply contractors. The company additionally speculates on blocks of Crypto. As the first ICO to become successful selling options, Monkey Capital has made history. The options are called COEVAL with the value on Waves DEX at 15BTC. This was accomplished due to the management team at Monkey Capital, compelling projects, and high quality operations.

According to the Huffington Post, Monkey Capital is a baboon worth a billion. Monkey Capital is getting ready for their ICO launch on July 15th and buyers will be given the ability to subscribe for Monkey. Several months ago the management team at Monkey Capital distributed a type of token called COVEAL. COVEAL lets their holders buy MNY tokens available at a reduced fixed rate at an auction. Once the existence of the tokens slipped out there was an impromptu slack. After the pricing and functionality of the tokens had been explained to the investors, Waves DEX saw a volume explosion.

Daniel Mark Harrison is a popular media commentator and an entrepreneur. He serves Daniel Mark Harrison & Company as the CEO and Chairman. Their offices are located in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. Daniel Mark Harrison additionally serves Fintech as a managing partner, as well as Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital is a firm specializing in blockchain venture capital. He has been published through numerous prestigious sources including Portfolio Magazine, The Daily Dot,, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal. He frequents business news channels as a guest and has appeared on CNN, Reuters, and Bloomberg.

The academic achievements of Daniel Mark Harrison are noteworthy. He was responsible for the development of Factory Banking which is currently the most commonly used value configuration model. The model is used for transactions and businesses regarding the Internet of Things. His most recent work is on a new pricing model for the market. This model is designed to challenge the validity of the pricing models for the Free Market Economy. The model is being referred to as the Bipolar Market Economy Equilibrium.