Southridge Capital Achievements

Southridge LLC is a financial company which focuses on providing financial solutions to various groups for investment purposes. The company has a vast experience in making and executing plans for financial management. Southridge Capital has been directly involved in the growth of other companies in the world by supporting them financially. Southridge LLC is also engaged in offering financial advice to the growing and the already established companies. Due to the company’s broader experience in finances, it has a deeper understanding of every issue affecting small businesses, corporate and also companies.

Southridge Capital’s financial advice is broader and covers all aspects of financial investments. The company offers advice related to financial analysis and the general financial state of a company where companies are trained in how to maintain a balanced budget, and on profit maximization. Apart from offering financial solutions, Southridge Capital advises companies on how to go about mergers and acquisitions. If a company is declared bankrupt, Southridge Company can help it come out of bankruptcy. Finally, the company offers advice on legal proceedings to its clients who might be facing the law and thus helping them to be safe on time and money. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Stephen M. Hicks is the founder and the CEO of Southridge company. In his interview, he portrays commitment and determination, which are the critical factor that led to the growth of Southridge Company. According to him, he must ensure that there is new growth in his company every day which is achieved by looking for new opportunities. Also, he must ensure that the already existing opportunities are implemented and protected to meet the company’s goals and objectives. Everyone must take responsibility for the task assigned.

According to Steve, the experience is the mother of all ideas. To conceive an idea or to implement an already existing idea, the experience is vital. Southridge capital has the broader financial expertise, and therefore many companies consult it for financial advice. Check out


For a company to grow, it should focus more on cash and give little attention to yields. Besides, companies should not invest too much money after suffering losses. This principle has made Southridge Company become the ultimate leader in finances and investments.


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Felipe Montoro Jens asks for more security for Public-Private Partnerships

Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in the field of Infrastructure Projects who believes in the inclusion of the private sector investments to boost a nation’s economy and infrastructure. He noted how Brazil, in spite of having a large amount of investment and showed a very large increase in the rate of investment, still lacked investment in crucial sectors like Health, Education, Mobility, Transportation and Basic Sanitization. He believes this is a gap that the private sector can fill if they are allowed to invest in those industries. The private sector capital will boost the growth in the sector, provide employment to a large number of people as well as increase the amount and quality of facilities and their maintenance. Visit to learn more.

He noted how the investment of Public-Private Partnerships or PPP has already created much-needed development in Brazil since the law passed in 2004 that allowed their formation.

In March, the IDB or Inter-American Development Bank held a special meeting of its governing body, the Minister of Planning and Development at the time, defended the recent trend which showed an increase in private investments in projects that were aimed at improving the infrastructure of Brazil. The minister of finance of Argentina echoed the statement put forth by Oliviera and seconded the opinion that the bank should make use of the opportunity to leverage the investment made by the private sector.

Felipe Montoro Jens noted how that the president of the bank believes PPP’s to be absolutely crucial for the development of the nation as infrastructure investments are much below the refers to the deficit as the ‘Latin American Challenge’, an issue faced by many Latin American countries.

Felipe Montoro Jens identifies a massive increase in PPPs in Latin America but at the same time shares how it still needs to be much more, Felipe believes that if the government makes assurances that guarantee the safety of these PPPs then the private sector will happily step in and provide some much-needed funding for the long-term infrastructure development projects.

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Facts about Jeff Yastine Editor Profile

Meeting a great editor like Jeff Yastine is one of the greatest things a young student aspiring to be an editor can achieve in his line of studying. This great editor joined Banyan Hill Publishing in the year 2015. His move to this company was very beneficial, and This is because his skills and also experience in the sector of finance was unique and significant. He is also the editor of the Total Wealth Insider.

Education Background and Employment

Jeff Yastine studied at Florida University and graduated with a Degree of Journalism, after graduating he became a reporter at a local Television. Jeff was employed and worked as a financial journalist before joining Banyan hill and also as a stock investor. In this line of duty he was exposed in his editorial work and got a lot of experience, and he also came to interact with very many people of different backgrounds.

In his celebrated career, Jeff Yastine has gone into specialization with investing and finance, and this is where his passion significantly lied. Fifteen years ago, Yastine was nominated for the Emmy who was a clear indication that he was becoming great in his profession of finance. Other than this he has also contributed to educating and giving people ideas on different investments that will undoubtedly earn them massive profits that will have a long-lasting investment. Visit the website to learn more.

He helps people by offering guidelines on both international and local investments to get what one suits him or her best Awards. In his line of duty as a Journalist, he had an excellent opportunity to interview the then Nobel Prize winner Laureate Richard Thaler winner of the 2017 Prize.

Charity Work

Helping people for free is another thing that Jeff Yastine has a passion. He was one of the great people who were in the up frontline to help people of Katrina after the great Hurricane destruction in 2005. Also after the oil split in 2010 he was even there making sure that people’s lives go back to normal.


The reporting of the poor state of public infrastructure led to him and his team of Journalists nominated for the Emmy Business Award in 2007 they also scooped yet another award when he covered the Bond Market in the Nation. Read more:

Tony Petrello- Impressive brilliance

Tony Petrello is the CEO of the largest land-based drilling company known as Nabors Industries. He started working with this company in 1991 after he stopped working as a lawyer, to take up a position as the COO of the drilling company. Tony had previously worked as a lawyer for the drilling firm when he was the managing partner of Baker & McKenzie. He impressed the management of Nabors industries by showing them how brilliant he was with handling matters of financing and taxation. Tony was specializing in business law, and that is how he managed to work with Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello is one of the people who has transformed the oil and gas drilling sector. Through his work as the CEO of Nabors Industries, he has influenced business in the industry as well as technology application. Nabors Industries is currently the producer of the best drilling equipment. It is operating in 25 countries but has supplied its equipment to many other countries. Through the guidance of Tony Petrello, the company has moved to the top in the industry and is recording great results year after year. The accomplishments of Tony Petrello are impeccable. Since he joined Nabors, the company’s performance took a turn for the best. It has been in an upward trend ever since.

Tony is naturally talented as a problem-solver. When he was a lawyer working with them, he made an impression that made the management hire him. They noticed that he was hardworking and did everything possible to help clients. They also noticed that he was talented in solving problems affecting the business. Although he lacked official training as a business manager, he managed to perform well and made them realize the goals of the business. Tony Petrello did not hold a degree in any business related course, but he still managed to revive the operations of the company.

A man who started Tony Petrello’s life as a mathematician had turned into a lawyer, and then as a business executive, this change would not have been predicted by anyone. It was a twist that shows how exceptional and versatile he was. All the positions he has been through, his performance was above par.

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Ted Bauman Recommends Investing In Both Stocks and Bonds

Are you prepared for if the market is going to crash? Ted Bauman says that if you do not prepare yourself properly, you are going to face disaster. However, he also offers some useful tips and advice on how to prepare yourself for the event of a market crash.

Ted Bauman says that there is no telling what the market is going to do next. While the market is currently experiencing a bullish period, it may not last. There is a fifty percent chance that it will keep going up, but there is also a fifty percent chance that it will go down. That is why it is so important to follow his advice. View to learn more.

First of all, says Ted Bauman, you have to change your mindset about investing. Investing is not about making the most amount of money in a very short time. Only a select few people will be so lucky and make that much money. The rest of the world will not be as lucky and will probably lose money. The best thing that you can do is to simply go into investing with the plan of trying to minimize your risk as much as possible while still investing in promising opportunities. This is the best way to avoid losing your money and still make nice gains in the long run.

Another idea is to invest in bonds, says Ted Bauman. Ted says that not enough people invest in bonds. He says that bonds are a great low risk investment strategy because it is very unlikely that they will drop fifty percent in a short amount of time. At the same time, they will give you a nice return every single month.

Ideally, you want the best of both worlds. What this means is that you should invest in both stocks and in bonds. If you invest in both, you will be safe when the stock market crashes because your bonds will stay solid. If the stock market goes up, your investments in stocks will help you gain a nice return on investment, giving you a win win strategy. Visit:


Fagali – Gateway to Polynesian Experience

No other Polynesian island has the charm and beauty of that of Fagali, a small yet pristine village on the island of Upolu, located in the Samoan Archipelago.

Don’t let the small population of under 1,600 people fool you, there’s plenty of things for you to enjoy once you land on the Airport owned and operated by Polynesian Airlines providing a quick entry to enjoy culture Fagali Airport has to offer by visiting the Samoan Cultural Village, showing you the way of Samoan life.

There’s also much to do for the more active people, the snorkel and diving services near the town allow you to explore the beautiful waters that lay on the coast. The beautiful town boasts, among other attractions the Royal Samoa Golf Course that will provide plenty of entertainment.

Fagali may not be a name that’s thought of when thinking of literary greats but Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson breathed his last in Upolu and the museum that stands next to his burial site is only a quick drive away from Fagali.

The airport enables customers to fly in to enjoy the sights and experience that only the village can provide. This allows the entire island of Upolu to benefit from the growth in tourism and business that it fosters. Tourists that visit are often astounded by the beauty of the Papapapaitai Falls, a sight to behold.

For people who enjoy shopping, The airport is the gateway to the Old Apia Market, only a quick drive away from the Fagali airport. The market sells souvenirs and trinkets that will be cherished by the tourists and help them remember their trip to the island fondly.

With the airport now fully functional, the ancient town is set to experience a tourism growth that will not only profit the business but for the entire population of Fagali.

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How The RealReal Brings The Excitement of Shopping to the Next Level

It is very common for people who are interested in buying new clothes to experience excitement at the products they see. One of the aspects to their excitement is imagining the products being worn. When they get an idea about how they might look wearing these products, they may become really excited. Another thing that could excite them is when they finally see how these products would look. The only thing is that when they go to the physical stores, they are limited in what they can buy because of availability. This is one of the most frustrating occurrences in the world of fashion.

Fortunately, The RealReal offers plenty of other options. With The RealReal, people will see tons of designs and patterns that they just do not see in stores. This will bring them a lot of excitement that goes beyond the typical method of shopping for clothes. Of course, given that The RealReal is an online retailer, there are limitations. People are not going to be able to try on the clothes before they buy it. Therefore, they are going to have to get a good look at the item and observe the designs before they decide they want the item. Then they have to go through the consignment process.

One thing that people are going to find is that there is no shortage of unique styles. Where many of the other fashion retailers would have only a large number of the same types of products, The RealReal would have tons of unique items that people can buy. Therefore, people will be able to use their imaginations to decide on the types of items that they will have. One of the best things that The RealReal has to offer is their service and care for the customers. They make sure that the customer is happy with their experience.

Ted Bauman: From an Investment Guru to an Investment Writer

With Ted Bauman, there is clearly always been a process that he follows. It seems as though he puts people first, and his investment second. His time at Banyan Hill publishing is very representative of that fact. While he is keen to offer his extensive knowledge on investment strategies for those individuals looking for a low-risk opportunity, he offers it in such a way that they are able to go out and make sound decisions on their own. He equips them with an arsenal of investment skills that they can use for a multitude of scenarios. His move to Banyan Hill signified a change in his way of thinking. He went from someone who was out in the trenches doing the work to that of a teacher, training the next generation of investors. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

There is an article entitled “Banyan Hill Publishing Offers Investors Information They Won’t Get from Wall Street” to which many investors will find a plethora of information about Banyan Hill Publishing’s practices. The author is very motivated to tell his readers about financial and investing advice that is offered by the independent publishing company. They employ a variety of investment professionals, with knowledge spanning many different parts of the industry. Ted Bauman is a very major component of this operation. He is the editor and publisher for The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club.

An exceptional professional, Ted Bauman graduated from the University of Cape Town in South Africa with two different degrees in very different areas, one in history and one economics. The economics degree would prove to be the one that he utilizes most, working for various organizations throughout his career as a fund manager. His time as a fund manager gave him real-world experience when it comes to protecting investments and formulating strategies that would be considered low risk. He spends much of his time now working on his various publications so that he can provide that information. After his long career out traveling the world, he decided that he wanted to slow things down a bit by writing about what he learned. His experience is invaluable and presents investors with a unique opportunity to learn from a very seasoned professional. Banyan Hill publishing saw the potential insight that Ted Bauman could offer to their readership. They tapped him during a time when he was at the peak of his success and now he is making a go of it as a writer. Learn more:


Ted Bauman and The Investment Advice No Other Firm Can Offer But Banyan Hill Publishing

It can be conjectured that a company’s success may have a lot to do with not just the way the economic market is functioning, but also with the way its leadership stands. Good leaders and executives running the company mean more stability and longevity of the company’s operations. The more organically efficient and high-performing the experts running the company, the greater the company can become. This is the case with Banyan Hill Publishing, and the involvement of experts like Ted Bauman in growing it.

Ted Bauman is an editor and contributor of Banyan Hill Publishing, particularly in its publications, Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club. He is also the researcher who has been able to publish insightful comments on prestigious academic publications, which include The Journal of Microfinance, Small Enterprise Development and Environment and Urbanization. It can also be stated that Ted Bauman’s involvement in Banyan Hill may be the leading contributor why Banyan Hill is now regarded by Affiliate Dork as an investment advisory firm that can shell out consultation advice that no other company or person in the Wall Street can provide. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

Banyan Hill Publishing, with the help of articles from Ted Bauman, has been already a firm that builds a reputation for delivering powerful and practical investment advice to many investors. With more than 400,000 daily readers accumulated over the years since the firm was founded in 1998, it’s not that hard to infer that Banyan Hill knows what it is doing and it’s not a charlatan firm that gives out advice without paying for its consequences.

The expertise of Banyan Hill is in the field of small-cap and mid-cap stocks, and income-producing investments and options plays. The firm has also been known for being able to eye and home in on undervalued U.S. companies that turned out to be fantastically high-performing. It’s already then safe to assume that the reputation of being a leading global asset advisor and protector of various assets of Banyan Hill Publishing is already well-earned. Which makes it easy to draw the conclusion that Bauman’s editorial role in the firm has been able to sustain this impressive business record.

Ted Bauman’s education is also newsworthy. He got his Economics and History degree from the University of Cape Town, and then advanced his formal training by finishing an MBA in Finance in 2001 at the Georgia State University. The Business Administration degree that he also earned from 1989 to 1993 came from The State University of New York.  Learn more:


A Meeting For Felipe Montoro Jens And IDB Governors

It was a special meeting which was held in Argentina country in a city referred to as Mendoza. The meeting was attended by some prominent leaders of Inter-American Development Bank. The president Luis Alberto was in the meeting together with planning, development and management minister Dyogo Oliveira. Felipe Montoro Jens attended the meeting, and in his report, he talked about the discussion that took place in the meeting.

Dyogo Oliveira made a defense where the private investment was increasing in the Brazilian infrastructure. He was trying to make a request for finance guaranteed mechanism that will have the ability to leverage Latin Americans private investments infrastructural projects. The minister also made some proposals that the bank should promote the education field which will help point out more effective solutions to the risk management of the project. The bank will also have to leverage private investments of that region. The bank’s president agreed with the minister’s words. The president, Luis Caputo who is also the Board of Governors chairman in Argentina, he said that the time the state’s secretary start dealing with Business and Economy support from Spain, the dynamism of the market will be preferring Brazil and he made it the priority country. Follow Felipe on Twitter

The minister also talked about how the bank will require to do more new investments within the countries and it should support because they are going to face the already coming 4th industrial revolution. The main problem they have been trying to solve is road network infrastructures and providing sanitation water to the people, and due to the revolution, they will have to invest in the modern infrastructures and it will be a promotion of the incoming industrial revolution in the region.

According to the Luis Alberto, IDB president, he talked about the Latin America challenges which can become a consideration in the infrastructural convergence. It will be a connection improvement which will be happening in between the countries because the investments there are much lower than what is necessary. He also said that the region will require necessary development and it will be able to overcome the growth and development obstacles without doing many considerations. The bank has also made some adaptations.

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