Michael Lacey

A man of sharp insights and profound wisdom, Michael Lacey is renowned for his incredible work as a mathematician. Upon receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Lacey seized the opportunities presented to him with grace. Walter Philipp, Lacey’s mentor, proved a fount of knowledge that Lacey continually drank from. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Lacey admired Philipp for his keen intuition and passion for mathematics, in turn inspiring Lacey to pursue endeavors with equal fervor. As a result, the two made substantial strides in their field. From fine-tuning formulas to devising new ones, Philipp and Lacey were a duo of vast intellect.

Some theories, practices, and areas they honed in on included the law of the iterated logarithm, probability, empirical characteristic functions, the ergodic theory, and the harmonic analysis. While these terms are undoubtedly foreign to laymen, Lacey and Philipp thrived when in the face of baffling yet thought-provoking affairs. It’s for this reason why so many of their achievements were deemed considerable feats of mathematics.

However, Lacey’s most monumental accomplishment was attained sans Philipp. While carrying out his National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at Indiana University, Lacey, alongside Alberto Calderón and Christoph Thiele, earned the Salem Prize for their study of the Hilbert transform.

Soon thereafter, Lacey went on to become a professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Fast forward 22 years later, and Lacey still holds that same position. Given Lacey’s intimate involvement in mathematical studies, it only makes sense that Lacey felt compelled to impart the many pearls of wisdom he’d amassed over the years.

In fact, Michael Lacey relishes teaching so much that he doubles as a mentor for doctoral students. Lacey’s commitment to fostering brilliant minds is admirable, and it undoubtedly bespeaks his inherent wisdom. The mathematical realm continues to intrigue Lacey, and he has no intentions of detaching himself from his long-lived craft.

Louis Chenevert, the great Canadian Businessman

Louis Chenevert is considered as among the great businessmen that Canada has produced. He was born in Montreal, Quebec. He is the immediate former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. During, his tenure at the company, UTC experienced a remarkable growth. His leadership at UTC focused on human resource development and technology which he termed as critical aspects of any modern company.

Louis Chenevert started his career after graduating from HEC Montreal School of Business where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Production Management. He started his career at General Motors Canada where he worked for more than fourteen years. It is his experience in the automobile industry that gave him the confidence to apply for jobs in other organizations.

After leaving GE Canada, Louis was appointed the Vice President in-charge of operation at Pratt & Whitney. Later, he was appointed the president of the same organization. He served Pratt & Whitney for six years where the company experienced huge success.

In 2006, he joined United Technologies Corporations Inc. where he became the chief operating officer. He was later promoted to the positions of president and director of United Technologies Corporations. In 2008, he was appointed the chief executive officer of the company. He resigned his position as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Company in 2014 where he was replaced by director Edward Kangas.

Over the years, Chenevert has received honors for his role in the business field including the Person of the Year by Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine in 2011. He also received the Honor Award from National Building Museum.

In 2011, he was awarded a doctorate honoris causa from HEC Montreal. This was quickly followed by another a doctorate causa degree in 2014 by Concordia University for his role in the business world. Today, he serves as the chair HEC Montreal International Advisory Board and the chairman of the Yale Cancer Center Advisory Board.

He developed a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship at a young age and his success in life is a true testament that boundless dedication and hard work are key ingredient to success in life


Meet Ara Chackerian, a Philanthropist, Investor and Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, angel investor, businessman, and philanthropist meet the Managing Director of the prominent ASC Capital Holdings, Ara Chackerian. Ara is a celebrated public figure who studied a Bachelor’s Degree at the Florida State University. He is also the founder of TMS Holdings Solutions, a health center that uses transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat cases of depression that are resistant to other forms of treatment.


He has also partnered with various individuals to build different healthcare companies, with the renowned ones being BMC Diagnostics, and Embion/Provider Links, and PipelineRx. He is also a dedicated environmentalist who is currently running reforestation campaign for Teak Plantation in Limonapa, SA.


Alongside this, Ara Chackerian also contributes to the betterment of the community, particularly the youth. He runs some developmental programs such as Juma Ventures, Nor Luyce, and CREA Nicaragua, ventures that are committed to youth empowerment. They pave the way for them by giving them education and work opportunities, which in turn promotes financial abilities.


The TMS Health Solutions is one of the most distinguished of Ara’s companies. Specifically, this is because it seeks to bring a new era to depression treatment through the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is a non-invasive process that uses a changing magnetic field to cause the flow of electric current to a targeted brain’s region. This process has shown to work well in treating depression that is resistant to treatment. To see more visit patch.com



The idea to build the center came to mind after one of Ara’s provider partners proposed that he should consider outpatient psychiatry space, specifically, transcranial magnetic stimulation for people undergoing depression that is resistant to other treatment options. Ara and his business partner saw that this was a good idea and this led to the establishment of TMS Health Solutions.


Since then, the center has been expanded to seven other facilities that serve San Francisco Bay Area and the broader Sacramento. The facility, which is approximately 3,000 square ft has both consultation and transcranial magnetic stimulation rooms. The aim of the center us to make patients feel that they are in a place of relaxation and serenity, rather than in a doctor’s room. For more details you can checkout vimeo.com


Reference: https://medium.com/@arachackerian


Acting Styles Of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus founded a company that has been adhering to its social responsibilities in the society, and it has been presenting currently. In more than a decade, CVC has been supporting Doctor Klaide care and an educational institution. The entity has its base in Santo, and it is the area where its operator is found. It has been benefiting the people with low income by supporting them with school, psychological and medical care, vocational courses and leisure activities for young people.

CVC is recognised nationally and internationally. It is among the touristic that Brazilian carriers to the United States, South Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. It has its bases that are located in the destinations that it operates. It has partners that are more than thirty thousand between hotels, sea, land and airlines carriers. There is a context which has been impacting the economy of the place it is operating, It has generated both indirect and direct jobs and also local development.

The international governments honoured Guilherme Paulus. The French government praised Guilherme Paulus in 2012 because of his significant contribution, especially to development and tourism promotion. The organisation has also been recognised by Mexico, Venezuela, United States and Argentina for the deliverance to tourism.


In his country Brazil, he has received many awards having emphasis titles like the executive of Valor, a name from Valor newspaper, the year’s personality by Viegeme magazine and entrepreneur in accordance to the modern consumer magazine.

Guilherme Paulus has been considered as among the most substantial businessmen investing in this tourism industry where he acted as a member at National tourism council where and started in 2003, and he is an entrepreneur that was able to integrate the Social and Economic Development Council of the government. He has been participating in CDES that occurred between 2012 o 2016.

The other of the endeavours for the executive is GJP Hotels and Resorts. It is a network that was established in 2005 and started with just one establishment. It is now regarded as among the most significant national chains of hotels that specialises in events and leisure tourism. Today in Brazil, 14 ready hotels are distributed, and there is the plan to grow the main tourism destiny in the country. Learn more: http://www.abramark.com.br/web-portfolio/guilherme-paulus/


Larkin and Lacey’s Risky Career Exposures

In 1972, Jim Larkin who was a Phoenix native, dropped out of Arizona State University and immediately teamed up with Michael Lacey to control the Phoenix New Times. It was a fledgling university weekly that was developed as an answer to the home media’s coverage of student anti-violence protests.

While Lacey was the executive editor and Larkin the head of advertisement activities, the audience of free paper grew over time.

The loose papers explored much of political and social issues, and they were able to gain prominence over the alternative newspapers in the country. Throughout the United States history, many uncommon and controversial presidential pardons have been issued.

President Trump granted the recent release to Joe Arpaio who is the toughest America’s Sherriff. Joe was famous because of his notorious acts, but one of the many heinous acts was the imprisonment of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who are village voice owners.

It all started when Lacey and Larkin were involved in the Village Voice Media Newspaper where they published information about the probe of a grand jury for a publication in the Phoenix New Times. Though, the two men were unaware that they were being investigated at the time by the grand jury.

Arpaio was frustrated by the raising coverage of his aggressive law enforcement strategies since 1992 when he was inaugurated in office.

Arpaio being in office it made it possible to be alerted on actions which are legally acceptable and those not accepted. In 2011, Judge Marry told him that it was not right to detain immigrants on suspicion ground since it was not sufficient reason for their detainment and also it was a violation of Constitutional Law. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://james-larkin.com/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/5-smart-ways-people-and-places-are-resisting-trumps-immigration-policies/

Instances of that kind were not addressed openly but behind closed doors for several times until 2011 when things changed. Eventually, everything was spelled out and a Lawsuit filed against Arpaio ten years ago. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The conditions experienced by inmates in Tent city were exposed by this file, and in reliance on this information, Arpaio was charged for violation of the Latinos and other immigrant groups’ rights.

It was at this moment that Lacey and Larkin took advantage of the situation and started to expose Arpaio to the American people. They made it through writing about Arpaio notorious acts in multiple instances, and this became the cause of their arrest especially after a special prosecution team targeted them. Their publication made many newspapers to start publishing pieces of information about Arpaio which they derived from Lacey and Larkin’s work. That led to making the scandal more overblown to the extent that it received national coverage.

How To Secure Your Finances

How Can NexBank Help Your Finances

NexBank got a small start in local area Dallas, Texas, as a personal account financial services group. Today, they have over 500,000+ nationwide customers and also serve industrial and commercial account holders. You can rest knowing your money is backed with over $67.4 billion dollars in assets. Ironically, they also have government backed FDIC insurance. NexBank has attracted their customers with technology financial services and features that saves their customers time and money. Their team of professional experts can help you register for an account online with immediate access to account features upon registration.

NexBank Business News

NexBank has served their customers under the strict guidelines set forth by the financial industry. Their excellence in the banking industry has allowed them to become the recipients of the Financial Compatibility Innovation Award. It is important for them to help their customers with services that will help manage their money. Most people choose a bank because of their services and features and NexBank, delivers. They have recently gained over $20 million dollars in equity to please their stockholders says, their President, John Holt. NexBank gives you more ways to maximize your hard earned money.

Other NexBank News

Now, is a great time to participate in a local area home buyers program by visiting the mortgage tab on the NexBank web portal. They make it easy to realize your dreams of owning a home. Along with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, they’ve been able to help hundreds of families come home to their own. Enjoy a reduced monthly mortgage and lower interest rates under their home owners program. You can also save money with their college savings program to help reduce student loan debt. Save on college tuition and expenses with 1,300 program options to choose from under their education tab.

NexBank Features

– no fee ATM’s

– free checks

– online bill pay options

– secure direct deposit

– live technical support

– financial planning

– and much more…

Become a member of the NexBank Financial Group by registering online today.

Southridge Capital Achievements

Southridge LLC is a financial company which focuses on providing financial solutions to various groups for investment purposes. The company has a vast experience in making and executing plans for financial management. Southridge Capital has been directly involved in the growth of other companies in the world by supporting them financially. Southridge LLC is also engaged in offering financial advice to the growing and the already established companies. Due to the company’s broader experience in finances, it has a deeper understanding of every issue affecting small businesses, corporate and also companies.

Southridge Capital’s financial advice is broader and covers all aspects of financial investments. The company offers advice related to financial analysis and the general financial state of a company where companies are trained in how to maintain a balanced budget, and on profit maximization. Apart from offering financial solutions, Southridge Capital advises companies on how to go about mergers and acquisitions. If a company is declared bankrupt, Southridge Company can help it come out of bankruptcy. Finally, the company offers advice on legal proceedings to its clients who might be facing the law and thus helping them to be safe on time and money. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Stephen M. Hicks is the founder and the CEO of Southridge company. In his interview, he portrays commitment and determination, which are the critical factor that led to the growth of Southridge Company. According to him, he must ensure that there is new growth in his company every day which is achieved by looking for new opportunities. Also, he must ensure that the already existing opportunities are implemented and protected to meet the company’s goals and objectives. Everyone must take responsibility for the task assigned.

According to Steve, the experience is the mother of all ideas. To conceive an idea or to implement an already existing idea, the experience is vital. Southridge capital has the broader financial expertise, and therefore many companies consult it for financial advice. Check out southridgeholdingsllc.com


For a company to grow, it should focus more on cash and give little attention to yields. Besides, companies should not invest too much money after suffering losses. This principle has made Southridge Company become the ultimate leader in finances and investments.


Click here: http://releasefact.com/2018/03/southridge-capital-major-player-financial-services/



Felipe Montoro Jens asks for more security for Public-Private Partnerships

Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in the field of Infrastructure Projects who believes in the inclusion of the private sector investments to boost a nation’s economy and infrastructure. He noted how Brazil, in spite of having a large amount of investment and showed a very large increase in the rate of investment, still lacked investment in crucial sectors like Health, Education, Mobility, Transportation and Basic Sanitization. He believes this is a gap that the private sector can fill if they are allowed to invest in those industries. The private sector capital will boost the growth in the sector, provide employment to a large number of people as well as increase the amount and quality of facilities and their maintenance. Visit consultasocio.com to learn more.

He noted how the investment of Public-Private Partnerships or PPP has already created much-needed development in Brazil since the law passed in 2004 that allowed their formation.

In March, the IDB or Inter-American Development Bank held a special meeting of its governing body, the Minister of Planning and Development at the time, defended the recent trend which showed an increase in private investments in projects that were aimed at improving the infrastructure of Brazil. The minister of finance of Argentina echoed the statement put forth by Oliviera and seconded the opinion that the bank should make use of the opportunity to leverage the investment made by the private sector.

Felipe Montoro Jens noted how that the president of the bank believes PPP’s to be absolutely crucial for the development of the nation as infrastructure investments are much below the refers to the deficit as the ‘Latin American Challenge’, an issue faced by many Latin American countries.

Felipe Montoro Jens identifies a massive increase in PPPs in Latin America but at the same time shares how it still needs to be much more, Felipe believes that if the government makes assurances that guarantee the safety of these PPPs then the private sector will happily step in and provide some much-needed funding for the long-term infrastructure development projects.

Read more: http://www.infomoney.com.br/negocios/noticias-corporativas/noticia/7406991/felipe-montoro-jens-reporta-discussoes-reuniao-especial-governadores-bid


Facts about Jeff Yastine Editor Profile

Meeting a great editor like Jeff Yastine is one of the greatest things a young student aspiring to be an editor can achieve in his line of studying. This great editor joined Banyan Hill Publishing in the year 2015. His move to this company was very beneficial, and This is because his skills and also experience in the sector of finance was unique and significant. He is also the editor of the Total Wealth Insider.

Education Background and Employment

Jeff Yastine studied at Florida University and graduated with a Degree of Journalism, after graduating he became a reporter at a local Television. Jeff was employed and worked as a financial journalist before joining Banyan hill and also as a stock investor. In this line of duty he was exposed in his editorial work and got a lot of experience, and he also came to interact with very many people of different backgrounds.

In his celebrated career, Jeff Yastine has gone into specialization with investing and finance, and this is where his passion significantly lied. Fifteen years ago, Yastine was nominated for the Emmy who was a clear indication that he was becoming great in his profession of finance. Other than this he has also contributed to educating and giving people ideas on different investments that will undoubtedly earn them massive profits that will have a long-lasting investment. Visit the website jeffyastineguru.com to learn more.

He helps people by offering guidelines on both international and local investments to get what one suits him or her best Awards. In his line of duty as a Journalist, he had an excellent opportunity to interview the then Nobel Prize winner Laureate Richard Thaler winner of the 2017 Prize.

Charity Work

Helping people for free is another thing that Jeff Yastine has a passion. He was one of the great people who were in the up frontline to help people of Katrina after the great Hurricane destruction in 2005. Also after the oil split in 2010 he was even there making sure that people’s lives go back to normal.


The reporting of the poor state of public infrastructure led to him and his team of Journalists nominated for the Emmy Business Award in 2007 they also scooped yet another award when he covered the Bond Market in the Nation. Read more: http://www.talkmarkets.com/contributor/Jeff-Yastine/

Tony Petrello- Impressive brilliance

Tony Petrello is the CEO of the largest land-based drilling company known as Nabors Industries. He started working with this company in 1991 after he stopped working as a lawyer, to take up a position as the COO of the drilling company. Tony had previously worked as a lawyer for the drilling firm when he was the managing partner of Baker & McKenzie. He impressed the management of Nabors industries by showing them how brilliant he was with handling matters of financing and taxation. Tony was specializing in business law, and that is how he managed to work with Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello is one of the people who has transformed the oil and gas drilling sector. Through his work as the CEO of Nabors Industries, he has influenced business in the industry as well as technology application. Nabors Industries is currently the producer of the best drilling equipment. It is operating in 25 countries but has supplied its equipment to many other countries. Through the guidance of Tony Petrello, the company has moved to the top in the industry and is recording great results year after year. The accomplishments of Tony Petrello are impeccable. Since he joined Nabors, the company’s performance took a turn for the best. It has been in an upward trend ever since.

Tony is naturally talented as a problem-solver. When he was a lawyer working with them, he made an impression that made the management hire him. They noticed that he was hardworking and did everything possible to help clients. They also noticed that he was talented in solving problems affecting the business. Although he lacked official training as a business manager, he managed to perform well and made them realize the goals of the business. Tony Petrello did not hold a degree in any business related course, but he still managed to revive the operations of the company.

A man who started Tony Petrello’s life as a mathematician had turned into a lawyer, and then as a business executive, this change would not have been predicted by anyone. It was a twist that shows how exceptional and versatile he was. All the positions he has been through, his performance was above par.

To know more click: here.