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On the 17th day of August during the year of 2016, which was this year, an article writing company by the name of PR Newswire released news from Status Labs. According to Huffington Post, Status Labs is a very popular company that is well known for helping different companies around the world with managing their online reputations. Within the past few weeks, the company Status Labs annouced that they were recently included in a list of the top 500 companies that have grown extremely fast. Of all of the businesses around the world that were included in this list, Status Labs was ranked as the 339th fastest growing company. This is a very big accomplishment and a great honor for the Status Labs online reputation management company.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the company Status Labs is a very well known business that helps other businesses around the world manage and, at times, boost their online reputations. There are many offices that are open around the United States. They are stationed within the following locations: Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo. All of these places are located within the United States of America. Status Labs has received a great number of awards aside from the PR Newswire company as well as many other organizations. PR Week awarded the Chief Executive Officier and the President of the company Status Labs with a gold award. In 2015, Status Labs was also awarded with the Innovative 50 award, which is similar to what they won this year. Status Labs was also awarded with the Business Development Individual of the Year in the year of 2016.

The company was started by a man by the name of Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher is currently the Chief Executive Officier, which is a longer form of the acronym CEO, of the company as well as the President of the company Status Labs.


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