Randal Nardone making moves in the financial world

Randal Nardone has always had the heart for building big businesses although he started in a different career than what we see him today. His passion for the financial sector came at the right time when he worked for companies that had him as their legal representative. He took advantage of the opportunity of being amongst the best in the industry to nurture his interest in the business. He started by studying law in the University of Connecticut and after attaining his certification proceeded to get an MBA in the same field form Boston school of Law. Immediately he went straight for the money working for financial powerhouses that offered a lot of insight into the world of economics and how it relates to investments. Randal Nardone was at the time the bridge between legal requirements and the financial sector which needs guidelines in law to make things work. His work ethic and thirst to learn more about the industry soon bore fruit, and he got to work and hold various positions at Eurocastle Investment, Springfield Finance as well as Alea Group. Randal Nardone did not hold back when it came to his work ethic and put in the effort and his best foot forward which often turned into lucrative benefits both for the firm as well as its clients. Read the article at bizjournal.com to know more about Randal.

Randal Nardone then decided to test the waters, and he formed Fortress. Within a short while, it attracted the attention of SoftBank who went on to acquire the company. The deal was concluded last year in December and showed how far he had come to know how the markets work. He did not do this by himself but had a team of handpicked professionals who are experts in their field. The other principles that headed the institution with him also benefitted from the lucrative deal. Although the bank acquired the investment company, they also retained him and the rest of the management to continue with the diligent work that they did. Randal Nardone is a good example that shows that it does not matter what background one comes from it is the dedication to one’s goals that matter in life.

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