Robert Ivy Is A Succesful Man In A World Full Of Architects

There are very many successful men in the world that come from all different backgrounds and pursue all different careers but today we are going to talk about a successful man by the name of Robert Ivy.

Ivy attended Sewanee: The University of The South and received his bachelors of arts degree in English from there. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he went on to get his master’s degree from Tulane University in Architecture. Not only Is he a perfect example of how you can get a bachelor’s degree in one thing and a master’s in another area but He is also the chief executive officer and vice president of the American Institute of Architects which is also known as AIA. The AIA (American Institute of Architects) is an organization for professional architects located in the united states. They work extremely hard to help architects with education and other resources in their profession so that they can expand as far as they can imagine in their careers.

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In 1996, Robert became the editor in chief of Architectural Record. Architectural Record is one of the most widely read journals of architecture thanks to the help of Ivy. Ivy has not only known for his huge role in architectural record but also for his ability to win many awards for what he has done. As many can see Ivy was just a college kid who was trying to make a difference in the world and was lucky enough to be able to reach his goals and succeed at doing it.

Before working for AIA Robert worked as vice president and editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction. Along with everything else Robert is also an author of the biography Fay Jones: Architect, which is now in the third edition. As you can see Robert Ivy is an excellent role model for all aspiring architects in the world who need an example of what to do when it comes to their future careers. Robert Ivy will always be now and forever the man who changed the world through architect and became successful as well as making several companies successful under his supervision.