Sawyer Howitt Contributes To The Meriwether Group In A Major Way

The Meriwether Group
The Meriwether Group is a support resource for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to grow their companies. Founded by David Howitt, it is composed of board advisors and a team of professionals. They are based in Portland, Oregon. They offer a variety of services for industries like retail, food & beverage, health & wellness, and so many more. They help with building a brand, which gives companies the freedom to stand out from their competitors.

Meriwether’s Capital Partners provides business managers and entrepreneurs with financial advice, strategic options, and capital recourse. They are dedicated to helping others fulfill their goals along their journeys. They provide debt financing through the Mezzanine Debt Fund. Overall, Meriwether’s Capital Partners is a one stop source for growth opportunities.


Sawyer Howitt at Meriwether
Sawyer Howitt has the hopes of becoming an entrepreneur like his father. He joined the Meriwether Group, at the age of 17, making him the youngest to become apart of the company. He is the Project Manager. A key responsibility involves supervising varies projects carried out by the team. It requires leadership skills, making Howitt the right person for the job. Sawyer Howitt is known for showing up everyday for work with a positive work ethic and a drive to be successful. Sawyer Howitt has the ability to understand complicated tasks like spreadsheets and presentations, to more easier tasks like filing and taking notes.

Howitt is knowledgeable about maintaining a business. He is aware of the financial, as well as the operational sides of a company. He is currently pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance.

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