Securus Technologies Helping Bring Suspects into Custody

One of the ways that I have always been able to nab suspects who are trying to avoid their day in court is with the help of informants. These informants can be especially helpful at bringing closure to cases, and many times provide us information we may not have had access to without their help.


As criminals get more violent and then you add in the gang element, these informants become reluctant to speak anymore because they know that their family will become the target of revenge even if the suspect is locked away for life. So with my resources dwindling, I needed to find another way t catch a suspect who was extremely violent and not afraid to use force to get what he wanted. Once he began using a gun to commit crimes, I knew I had to get him off the streets today.


Our local jail just finished adding a new inmate phone system by Securus Technologies, so I was eager to see what the LBS software was all about. What I discovered was that the software could identify chatter over a number of lines if our suspect was mentioned. When one of his associates in the jail mentioned some key information, the covert alert feature pushed me in a new direction that I would never have considered.


Our team assembled at the house of an inmate’s brother and we observed our fugitive was actually held up in a small farm-house at the back of the property. We carefully waited until dark and stormed the building while he was asleep. The phone system at the jail was key in being able to identify certain chatter, and alert us to information that was timely and gave us a jump on any other criminal activity. The Securus Technologies system has been key in helping us lower crime rates in town.