Serge Belamant and his Newest Venture

Serge Belamant is one of the most influential technology entrepreneurs to ever grace the world. He started his first company Net1 which took South Africa and the world by surprise. The technology of Net1 products is an offline pre-authorization for credit and debit cards. The technology assisted in getting millions of the poor in South Africa their government paycheck.

Belamant’s newest company, Zilch, is an app. The app lets users check their financial health through it. The idea for Zilch came for the son of Serge Belamant. When Philip Belamant got out of college, as an IT engineer, he made the suggestion to Serge. The idea came from the millennials and how they have grown up with technology in their hands. It sounded like an interesting idea to Serge Belamant, so he got to work creating the app. ┬áSee more of Serge Belamant at

Serge Belamant recently purchased some American Girl books for his granddaughters. These are not the typical American Girl books that provide young girls with esteem and confidence building skills to have for life. These American Girl books are written about personal finance. They are meant to teach Belamant’s granddaughters about savings, goals, and priorities.

Belamant does not look for opportunities to make money. Rather he looks for opportunities to fill a need. If you fill the need, you will undoubtedly make money in the process. He takes a different approach to be an entrepreneur than most others. It is important to Belamant that he fill the needs of others through his work.

Belamant’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to find out where there is a need for the product or service you are offering. Once you find that product or service need, fill it. The rest will fall into place.

Serge Belamant was born in Tulle France. When he was just 14, his father moved the family to South Africa. Belamant excelled in his all-boys school. After completing high school, he studied at Witwatersrand University. It was there that he excelled in the computer science program. After completing his studies, he began work on his first company. He remembers being his own first customer of Net1.

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