Siteline Cabinetry – Cabinets are Our Business

About Siteline Cabinetry the Company

Siteline began as a small company in 2015 lead by Pat Corsi and the Corsi Group in Keysville, Virginia. Siteline Cabinetry employs over 200 highly skilled and professional crafters on hand. Siteline uses modern technology and traditional craftsmanship to create individually designed and functionally sound cabinetry for their customers. Using their unique design set up customers receive high quality cabinetry that is built to order and not produce in a bulk style production.

What Siteline Cabinetry has to Offer

Since cabinetry is an important asset to any kitchen or bathroom, Siteline places the customer in the command seat. Customers are treated as the designer and all of their requests and ideas are vital to the creation of their individually crafted cabinets. In addition to designing, customers also have the ability to incorporate what type of functionality the cabinets will have; be it holding pots and pans or holding items in a mudroom.

Along with custom designing and skilled craftsmanship, customers will receive quality cabinetry built on the company’s standards. In addition, the following are also offered as part of Siteline’s built to order creations:

  • Shaker Style Cabinets
  • High-Technology Options in Cabinets
  • Personalized Cabinets
  • Functionality in Design
  • White, Gray, and Neutral Colors
  • Horizontal Orientation Cabinets
  • Numerous Finishing Styles
  • Custom Sizes
  • Subtle and Clean Lines

Is Siteline Cabinetry for You?

If you want a company that is driven to make sure that their customers are satisfied, then Siteline Cabinetry is the company for you. If individuality and the ability to customize your cabinets is important to you, then Siteline is the company for you. Lastly, if you want great craftsmanship that utilizes traditional and modern technology to create your cabinets, then Siteline is for you. Visit Siteline Cabinetry at the following link:; and enjoy what Siteline has to offer. Also, Siteline has 8 steps to planning, a list to assist you with your product.