Stream Energy helps Americans make transition to clean energy

Stream Energy is one of the more innovative energy companies to come along in the last few decades. Through its flexible energy plans, the company gives people throughout the United States the ability to choose clean energy alternatives to the pollutant-heavy, coal-based power sources that had become ubiquitous by the end of the 20th century. View Stream Energy at

For many of its independent business associates, Stream Energy also provides a way to develop a source of income on the side. Part of the company’s name denotes the ability to generate new streams of income for those who sign up to act as representatives of the company’s businesses. For customers, the plans offered by Stream Energy provide a flexible means of tailoring their home energy use to exactly what they need. It also gives people the ability to take advantage of clean forms of energy, such as solar and wind power where customers may not have previously had those options available to them.

One of the factors that has allowed Stream Energy to rise from relative obscurity into a nearly billion-dollar company has been the decline of the U.S. coal industry. Beset by increasingly stringent regulations and ever-increasing costs, the coal industry has quickly fallen from its prior status as the provider of the nation’s leading energy source. Get details on Stream Energy at

With renewable and clean energy sources experiencing incredible reductions in generation costs, coal has seen its demand plummet. This has happened at a time when tough laws like the 2015 Clean Air Act have come into being, fundamentally threatening the once-dominant resource as the premier means by which America generates its electric power.

However, one industry’s loss has been another’s gain. Companies like Stream Energy are now showing that clean energy delivery is feasible at the retail level. Additionally, in states where energy has been deregulated to one degree or another, the business model that Stream has put into effect has proven to be an enormous success. The company allows its customers to select plans that will optimize the costs for their likely energy usage levels. In creating such a highly customizable billing system, the company has changed the paradigm of energy consumption in the U.S.