Support Pro-Reform Candidates With End Citizens United

There’s a lot to be done the closer we get to this year’s midterm election, and End Citizens United is ready to put in the hard work. How our politicians raise campaign funds has become a crucial issue defining the balance of power in America, and End Citizens United has stepped up to the plate to take our government to task over allowing candidates to accept funds from corporations and the uber-wealthy.

End Citizens United’s stance against overly large donations to campaigns puts them in a position to support candidates who are running on platforms of reform. While ECU is a relatively young political entity, they are a national grassroots organization, meaning they can provide hands and feet (and of course voices!) to the campaigns they support. Likewise, ECU’s philosophy is based entirely on small donations, which allows them to cast a much wider net than politicians fisher for just a few large donors. ECU is able to connect the candidates they endorse to a network of over 400,000 donors, bringing in upwards of $35 million.

As a challenger to the status quo, End Citizens United provides these advantages to the pro-reform candidates they endorse. Some examples of candidates who share their values this upcoming midterm include: Beto O’Rourke, a rare member of the House of Representatives who refused to accept funding from PACs, and a staunch supporter of legislation that will overturn Citizens United; Randy Bryce, who raised nearly $2 million more than Paul Ryan during his campaign for a congressional seat despite accepting only small donations; and Elissa Slotkin, a former CIA agent who is ready to unseat one of ECU’s “Big Money 20,” Mike Bishop, whose record for voting against campaign finance reform in unyielding.

If you’re concerned about the influence of big money and corporations on American government, End Citizens United is an organization you want to support. Find out which candidates in your state they are endorsing today!

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