Ted Bauman: Are We Ready for This New Development?

Should you get chipped? It seems as if getting chipped is all the rage nowadays. Everyone is talking about how they are getting chipped or how employees in this and that company are getting chipped.

For those of you who are unaware, getting chipped means getting a data chip implanted in your body, usually in your finger. This chip can be used for a variety of things. For example, you can use your chip to buy things at stores that accept finger chips. The chip can be connected to your bank account. It can also contain a lot of personal information. For example, it can contain documents if you upload them to the chip. Once you do that, you do not have to carry around those documents anymore, because you can simply use the chip to convey the information. As you can imagine, it is expected that having a chip will make your life easier. You will never have to worry about forgetting your wallet again.

However, noted financial writer and advisor Ted Bauman says that he will not be getting chipped. Not only that, but he says that nobody should get chipped, including you. Why is that? What is wrong with getting chipped, and what can be so bad about it that Ted Bauman wrote an entire article telling people that they should not get chipped?

The answer lies in two simple words: Privacy and security. Ted Bauman says that we can not be sure that chips will not compromise our privacy and our security. Who is to say that the government will not use the chips to spy on citizens and find out everything about them? If the chip is in their body, they can be tracked wherever they are, regardless of whether they are bringing their cell phone with them or not. We all know about the NASA surveillance scandal during the previous administration. We also do not know how hackers may be able to exploit these chips in order to take advantage of innocent people.

Ted Bauman is not opposed to getting chipped in theory, he just does not believe we are ready for such a thing. He thinks that there is a good chance that it will compromise our personal security, and until we can be one hundred percent sure that that will not happen, it is not time to get chipped.

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