Ted Bauman Talks About Why You Need to Turbo Charge your Investments

     Ted Bauman recently talked about investment by giving a story about his time in South Africa. It was at that time that a young South African told him that things were becoming quite expensive. He was very surprised to hear the young person use ‘buck’ to refer to his currency.

However, Ted brought to the country more than just notions about his currency. He brought enough American dollars with him to invest in something priced in a foreign currency. Ted says that was one of the best decisions, which he ever made in his life.

He added that he was able to afford these valuable assets since the dollar was quite strong back then. According to Ted, that is something you should also do before time runs out. The American dollar has both positive and negative effects on Americans. For one, it makes the exports from the US quite expensive. On the other hand, it makes it quite affordable to go on vacation in various places around the world.

The only way to end this problem would be to weaken the dollar. In fact, it is already happening. The dollar has already begun to weaken, which will mean it will have less purchasing power. This is the time for you to seize the opportunity.

The reason for this is that most foreign assets are priced in the local currencies. The reason for this is that once the dollar declines in value, it takes quite a while for the local currency to adjust. This period is when you can make some major bargains.

For instance, if you buy shares using a foreign currency, a strong dollar now will mean you pay less. However, as the dollar’s value falls, these shares and the resultant dividend are going to be a great source of income. This is because they will be worth more in dollars than when you bought them.


It is Easy

The best part about this kind of investing is that it is quite easy. Some countries may have a weak currency, but their local industries are actually quite well-developed. Besides that, they will usually have a well-developed financial system, which means you may never need to step into the country.


About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is the current editor of the Bauman Letter, Smart Money alert, and Plan B. His specialty is international migration, privacy, asset protection, and investment strategies that are low risk. He is on a mission to help find safe investment opportunities to help you grow your wealth.