The Best Ways to Succeed in Both Business and Life

Josh Verne believes that the best way to succeed in business and in life is by getting out of your way. Below are five points that Josh believes to be the key to helping you get out of your way.
1. Be a Leader Not a Boss
Managers can be either leaders or bosses. Leaders use the respect that they have earned from their subordinates to accomplish goals whereas bosses rely on titles to achieve goals. Being a leader promotes unity in your team. The unity leads to accomplishment of anything the team sets its mind to.
2. Everything needs to be a Win-win
One should strive for the best out of a scenario each time. The win should be for you and everyone around you. This will help your business skyrocket.
3. Speak Less, Listen More
Speaking lesser words puts more power into them. This, in turn, makes one more authoritative. People will then tend to listen if you have something to say.
4. You Need to Have Work Life Balance
This refers to having every aspect of your life in the right proportion. Money without a loving family and proper health is useless and vice versa. Getting all aspects of your life to be well balanced does not mean spending an equal amount of time on each, but rather spending the right amount of time on each to ensure that they grow proportionately.
5. Figure Out What You are Passionate About
According to statistics, very few people are successful in what they do and at the same time do not have a passion for it. To establish that which you are passionate about you need to find that which makes you wake up early, miss parties and work late.
About Josh Verne
Mr. Josh is the CEO of Flocku, LLC. The company was formed in 2015 and it acts as a platform where college students get to communicate through exchanging content. The goal of creating Flocku was to provide brands with a way of communicating with Millennials in a manner that they would appreciate and understand.
The main goal of Workpays was to promote the financial wellness of its clients. Verne also worked for Home Line Furniture from 1995 to 2011 serving as its president.

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  • Gianluca Kenneth says:

    Working on a project you consider boring tends to lower your productivity hence hinder your success. Josh is also the founder of Workpays, a company he sold in 2015. It has to make everything work closely and can get everything right too.