The mission of Oncotarget alongside informing and educating

Oncotarget has turned out to be among the outstanding scientific journals. This is because of its capability to execute the publication of several developments within the subject of oncology globally in line with fighting cancer. The fact that the journal is scientific and its publications are specifically alongside oncology, it is worth acknowledging the fact that the subject of oncology is broad and therefore has a couple of disciplinary subjects that are found within it. The implication is that it has devoted itself to publishing all the credible developments as well as the discoveries that scientists make in support of the war against cancer.

There exists a couple of subjects covered under the oncological field. They include, but not limited to, atherosclerosis, cells, lymphocytes, molecules & the cellular functions in the cancerous cells, the pathways, neuro-degradation as well as the microbes. Under the field, any new discoveries and developments that are done at any point in time by the scientists. It is organized that the scientists submit then make their submissions to Oncotarget for publication.Remarkably, prior to the publications of any submitted findings, they initially undergo a thorough vetting procedure where the findings submitted undergo review and their truthfulness is ascertained. The fact that the vetting is thorough at times involves cross-checking through the experiments. This is often done after paying a visit to the scientist and prior to the publication.

Upon the publication of the findings, the journal then begins operating as a channel through which the new and unique information to the rest of the scientific research alongside the cancer curing strategies. Such is significant in the contributions that they add up to the field as they intensify the knowledge which helps in making extensive developments on the gradual success in relation to the curing of cancer.The factors that make the journal a unique source of scientific understanding is the fact that it has a number of attributes which includes its capability to carry out the review of all the submissions made using the fastest possible ways. Any implication is therefore that any new information spreads to the rest of the scientists in the shortest time possible.