The Woman behind Lime Crime, Doe Deere

The idea for the company originated when she was modeling her DIY fashion and find it increasingly difficult to find the dramatic and colorful makeup she needed. Four years after the idea came to her, in 2008, she founded the cosmetics line online. Doe started small but grew by staying true to herself and her brand, that was founded on the belief that cosmetics were not given the sole purpose of hiding flaws, but were also a form of self-expression.


Deere based her company online, against the advice of experts who believed that women would much rather see cosmetics in person before buying them. Doe disagreed, and created the “on lip” lipstick swatch so that women could see the product on actual skin before making a decision to buy. This revolutionary idea was a massive success and is now replicated throughout the industry. She prides herself on her vision to create the highest-quality interactive online experience for her customers, which includes a thorough FAQs page on her site, dedicated email accounts for any problems, as well as a full customer care staff that she put into place after a security breach threatened her company in 2014.


Deere’s days are now filled with activity, beginning with morning meetings with her Creative Director, President, and VP, followed by another with her COO. She admits this is a large part of her time in meetings but values that it keeps everyone heading in the same direction with a cohesive vision of what needs to happen. In the afternoon, she then spends her time in the lab with a chemist, developing new products. Doe may wait weeks, or even months, for inspiration to strike, and then quickly develops it into reality. She tests all the products first, to know that they feel authentic to her and her brand. Within her company, she rejects the idea of leading with an iron fist and instead places the employees’ sense of being loved and respected above all, deeming that an appreciated staff is a much more joyful and productive staff. One of her main positive influences among her staff is the President of the company, Mark, who also happens to be her husband. Doe recognizes that even though it is her vision and her brand, it is the rallying force of her coworkers that make Lime Crime what it is today.


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