There Is No Lip Balm Quite Like EOS

The success of Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller’s company EOS took place in merely seven years. got the full scoop, which you can check out here. The guys saw a niche that had so much more to offer than it was sharing.

Many women include lip balm in their everyday beauty regimen. However, before EOS the product was not entirely appealing to consumers. It was commonly packaged in a plain tube and only came in a few dull flavors.

Mehra and Teller created EOS lip balm in response to an unexciting lip balm industry. The guys added appeal to the packaging and product itself. EOS, the all organic lip balm, comes in cylindrical tube that is smooth to touch. The product inside is even smoother, leaving lips silky smooth. The balm itself comes in a variety of tastes and scents that will ignite your senses!

The guys knew that their product would appeal to Millennials so through thoughtful marketing on popular social media platforms like Instagram, the brand caught major attention. Today, celebrities can be spotted rocking the product in the streets of Hollywood and you can’t walk into a Walgreens without noticing EOS.

The brand has truly gained and maintained national attention. As EOS becomes a household name, other brands try to emulate EOS’s style, but nothing will ever be quite like the original. EOS is truly a brand to keep watching. Already ranked as the second-best selling lip balm in the United States, the future is bright for EOS!

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