This Year Marks The Second Year Of U.S. Money Reserve’s Internship Program

 The U.S. Reserve celebrated the second year of its Internship program this month. The Internship Program, which was started when the firm hired its first-ever marketing intern in 2016, is now searching for more new talents who are seeking for experience in working with a fast-paced environment. Building interpersonal communication skills are also one of the aim of this program.

USMR Vice President of Marketing & Communication Jim Warren started the program when he accepted Mallory Burgess as an intern. Warren already had experience working with Burgess in a previous term and decided to accept him again at USMR. After his internship, Burgess became the Media Buyer of the company. Since then, the company decided to start the internship program and offer it to all individuals who are interested to have intern experience in their company.

Mallory Burgess described the internship experience as a “crash course in media and marketing, and everything in between”. She also encouraged all the students that are looking for a rewarding internship experience to come and apply. After being the Marketing Coordinator and managing the internship program, Burgess was promoted and is now working as the Media Buyer in U.S. Money Reserve. Read more: US Money Reserve | Biz Journals and US Money Reserve | Indeed

Jim Warren described Mallory Burgess as “extremely driven, organized, and talented. He also called it a wonderful experience seeing her grow in the industry and succeed in media and marketing. According to him, Burgess’ story is one of the proofs that with hard work and dedication, an internship can become a career in U.S. Money Reserve.

USMR, with their very first Intern Supervisor Sierra Taylor, is currently hosting six social media and Radio/Television/Film interns in the program, which is located in Austin, Texas. Taylor was once a USMR intern as well, way back in summer, 2018. She came back to assist in running the internship program and work with the social media platforms of the company. She can do all of it while pursuing her studies, which is a Bachelor of Science in Advertising at the University of Texas.

According to Sierra Taylor, USMR’s internship program is a program gives respect and responsibility to its interns. The team gives its interns a chance to grow professionally and build confidence. If interested, intern applicants are encouraged to apply in USMR’s Career Page.

The U.S. Reserve is one of the authorities in selling metal commodities. Investors all over the country go to USMR to diversify their portfolios. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and founded in 2001.

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