Trailblazing Digital Services with Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and Chief Executive of ATS Digital Services located in the Fort Lauderdale Area, Miami. ATS specializes in providing technical support services that include troubleshooting, correcting faulty network connections, digital data storage, etc. Deignan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University and founded his first business Fanlink, Inc. in 1998. After this initial foray into entrepreneurship, Robert joined iS3 Inc., a software enterprise that offers digital security, and tailored technical support. He served as the vice president until 2011 and thereafter launched ATS.

While serving a nine-year tenure at iS3 Inc., Robert recognized a recurring problem where customers found it difficult to install the company’s anti-malware software due to a malware jam. To address this, Deignan and his team decided to start offering remote installation services at an affordable fee. Seeing how quickly this service gained popularity, he and his associates decided to venture into remote connection technology. This is how ATS Digital Services came into being. Robert wished to solve nearly every digital technology crisis that customers encounter and do this fast and precisely. To accomplish this feat, the team had to enlist well-skilled technicians to address just about any technology issue imaginable and do this remotely. Therefore, technicians only do house and office calls if the service requires physical work.

With more than a decade’s worth of experience in technology, Deignan appreciates that rapid technological changes pose a challenge to maintaining a unified digital environment. To this end, the company’s recruits and maintains the best talent in the business to deliver unparalleled service to clients. Just recently, ATS reached a momentous milestone by becoming the inaugural call center certified by AppEsteem to offer premium support services to client software applications. This partnership with AppEsteem is a testimony that ATS is devoted to wholesome client-centric compliance. So far, the company has made great strides to ensure a spot among the leading pack in the industry.

Aside from professional pursuits, Robert Deignan participates in the Carolina boat builders’ tournament and the Silver Sailfish Derby to support varied philanthropic efforts. He also enjoys vacationing with his family in Costa Rica.