Traveling Vineyard is the New Tupperware Party in a Bottle!

It all started in 2001 with a simple concept. The idea was to take the stuffiness out of wine tasting by providing clients with an at-home wine tasting. Wine tastings at home are not only relaxing but they are also highly educational. It makes the learning process of sometimes confusing concepts about wine easier to grasp in a friendly and warm environment.

Traveling Vineyard is more than just a wine tasting at home experience, they are also an opportunity for anyone that wants to make money while having fun in a comfortable environment surrounded by friends you already know and some you haven’t met yet. What a great way to be lucrative and establish friends and clients. How wonderful would it be to become an educated sommelier while teaching others to appreciate the fine qualities of a good wine?

How does it work? It’s actually quite simple. As a Traveling Vineyard wine guide, you get together with a host and offer a free in-home wine tasting. You help the host decide how to prepare the event and then it’s simply a matter of guiding the tasting and educating. At the end of the event, you simply take the wine orders and Traveling Vineyards does the rest for you. We provide all of the training and it is up to you to decide what level you want to work at and how often.

Once you contact The Traveling Vineyard and let us know you are interested we will set you up with another wine guide who you can shadow and learn from. You don’t have to go it alone at any time. We provide full support to help you get over the butterflies that can come with a wine tasting. The Traveling Vineyard also provide online training. Once you have decided to sign on we ship you a success kit which includes:

  • 2 tasting sets-5 bottles each (enough for 2 events)
  • Tasting glasses and a carrying box
  • 6 bottle wine carrier
  • Order forms and start up guide
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Wine accessories
  • Sommology kit- training program and cheat sheet all in one

After that, you are ready to tackle the wine tasting world as an in-home sommelier. The world is your oyster and Traveling Vineyard is your pearl. Traveling Vineyard is the new Tupperware Party of the future!

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  • Ivy Andy says:

    Now this what I call creativity and their stocks will continue to be on the rise because they have found a way to know the needs of their clients. The way forward as proposed by rushessay is quite good and it comes with a lot of benefits which I think the customers are there to enjoy. Though I think the love for wine is one that many people want to get a leak on, Traveling Vineyard are very well but there is always room for improvement.