Unroll Me: Reinstalling Sanity Back to the Mailbox

In every inbox, there are three types of emails, junk emails, subscriptions, and more importantly, the crucial emails. In a native emailing app, there is no distinction between the above emails and this lack of distinction calls for confusion as all the emails are in one folder. Fortunately, Unroll Me is one of the best solutions to this confusion by being the first management tool to classify the emails depending on their importance, urgency and more importantly if they add value to the owner of the account. The following is a comprehensive piece on how the app treats every email.


For subscription, the management tool treats subscriptions different from other emails. First, Unroll Me is the first app to give the user the ability to either unsubscribe or retain a subscription. Once the user retains a subscription, it is added to the Rollup folder. The importance of this folder is to make the inbox neat and to ensure that the user only read the subscriptions emails at their free time. Scheduling of these emails depends on one’s schedules. This management tool is arguably the only app that gives one a chance to select when they want to read their subscriptions. This factor makes Unroll Me the ideal tool for productivity.


Second, Unroll Me also helps the email user to get rid of unnecessary junk emails. Junk emails, when using the native apps is arguably one of the most annoying aspects of using emails for work. With this tool, however, you can easily remove these emails from the main inbox without following a lengthy process. Removing junk emails from the mailbox means that you can access only the important emails. According to pundits filtering the inbox and just accessing the most important emails helps in the overall response and more importantly helps the user to give each of the responses the seriousness they deserve. The filtering process is also a key to productivity especially if your email is a key component in your work.


In conclusion, this tool is unmatched when it comes to simplicity and more importantly the user-interface. According to the CEO of this app, the app’s simplicity is one of the reasons why he invested his time and resources in building Unroll Me.