Why Lightspeed Venture Partners Hired Jana Messerschmidt

Jana Messerschmidt probably should be called Jana Lightspeed because she quickly became a partner at the venture capital firm called Lightspeed Venture Partners that made a difference. Lightspeed Venture Partners was impressed by her expertise and instinct she has shown while investing in startups at the company she created called Angel. She was able to lead the Angels to create an investment portfolio that included businesses such as Bird and Cameo. Her role as Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform while working at Twitter was to develop relationships that would produce sales. From the time she first started as Director of Business Development at Netflix in 2010, she would begin to build relationships that would be a prominent part of her job. She also assisted in marketing. Lightspeed Venture Partners likes energy that She would bring to the consumer team.

Messerschmidt would be Jana Lightspeed beyond other the noteworthy hires that Lightspeed Venture Partners made after receiving nearly $1.8 billion. before any professional success, she earned a degree in computer engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2001. According to Business Insider’s, she was considered one of the most powerful female engineers. She feels it was important for all engineers to possess the ability to code. She believes it is important to promote women in the industry, and they must be able to help companies become successful. She was impressed by LightSpeed Venture Partners because of many startups like working with them.

Jana Lightspeed passes being an asset to Lightspeed Venture Partners because she recognized the potential in startups. She has shown a willingness to support startups that were willing to take chances and be bold with how they operate their companies. She believes minorities who are not represented within an industry must be given a chance. She continues to be an advocate to improve how many women will have equity in tech companies.