Why Paul Mampilly Tells His Subscribers To Stay Away From Marijuana Company Stocks

Paul Mampilly has made a number of bold predictions over the years on what companies and industries to invest in. He headed a hedge fund for Kinetics Asset Management for a number of years. When he started this hedge fund was worth about $6 billion. After achieving returns averaging 26% a year he grew it into a fund that was worth $25 billion. This level of success has made him a go-to source about investing for news sources such as CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business News. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

A lot of investors have been thinking about buying the stock of companies in the marijuana industry in recent years. There are countries around the world where marijuana is now legal as well as a number of American states. As more and more states drop possessing marijuana as a crime a number of investors think companies in this industry can do very well. Paul Mampilly, though, thinks investors should stay out of this industry instead.

One company in the marijuana industry, Neutra Corporation, saw its stock go up 2,400% in value. A lot of advisors were encouraging their clients to jump in as investors. There were other companies with remarkable increases in stock value as well. Rocky Mountain High Group also had shares go up 2,400% while Mentor Capital witnessed increases of almost 1,700%. Industry experts say that the marijuana industry will likely grow by around 350% from where it is today. Paul Mampilly says that as great as those returns are there is another industry where even more money can be made. For that reason he thinks investors would be better off keeping their money out of pot stocks.

Paul Mampilly says another industry will grow from $235 billion in value to $4 trillion over the next four years. This is a growth rate of 8,000%. In his monthly newsletter Profits Unlimited he has written about this little known opportunity and how early investors will attain substantial profits. He has about 100,000 subscribers presently with more looking to get his advice each month.

There’s another reason Paul Mampilly doesn’t recommend marijuana stocks to his subscribers. He says the legalization of marijuana is already baked into the value of companies in this industry. He says these stocks are already experiencing declines from their lofty highs and he views them as too risky going forward. The money was already made in the marijuana industry and investors should move on from it if they want to achieve great returns. View: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/paul-mampilly-struck-gold/